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Ms Davis

"Aegis Pest Services has some of the most professional trained staff I've ever seen. They are friendly and kind, explaining to us the pest situation in a patient and nice way. They took great care of all furnitures in the house and especially made sure our dog was not affected by any chemical sprays. We are very satisfied with their service."

Mr. Chin

Three Steps
Pest Eradication Program

Inspection and Identification

Do you know that there are four types of cockroaches and six types of ants commonly found in Singapore?
Inspection and identification are the first key step towards complete pest elimination. Our pest control service specialists will inspect your properties in the most thorough way to identify the right type of pest, triangulate the hotspots and assess the degree of infestation and damage in the most professional and customized way.

pest inspection Singapore
Plan and Elimination

Based on inspection and identification, our pest control service specialist will design a detailed, targeted and customized plan for your properties. Talk with our specialists about the pest control plan. Living habits, health conditions of family members, the presence of pets and external environment should all be considered in safe and effective planning. Your needs are our highest priorities.
After our finalization of the plan, our pest control service specialists will implement the plan in the most professional manner using state-of-the-art equipment and insecticide to ensure the most efficient elimination.

pest elimination Singapore
Follow-up and Monitoring

Various researches show that consistent monitoring and secondary application of insecticide or baits are necessary in eliminating bed bugs, cockroaches, termites, ants, rats and many other types of pests. Our pest control service package includes constant monitoring by various kinds of professional devices of the pest population, so as to ensure total elimination as well as customer satisfaction.
Furthermore, our pest control service specialist will provide professional preventive advice for your properties so that pests will never come back in the future.

pest management Singapore
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Mr Liang

Our partnership with Aegis Pest Services has been very satisfying for both partners so far. Their technicians are very careful of every detail of their work, clearing every corner and catching every single trace of any pest. With their support, we no longer need to fear pests in the office any more.

Ms. Davis

We Provide Pest Control Services For

residential pest control service

Home properties require delicate handling, because elderlies, children and pests may be highly sensitive to certain pest control treatment. We provide the most personalized and the safest pest control services for various types of households: HDBs, condominiums and bungalows.

commercial pest management
Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings and offices face an array of pest problems, such as cockroaches and rats in pantries as well as termite infestation. Our approach towards pest control in industrial sectors helps to effectively mitigate the risks and minimize the damages caused all types of pests.

pest treatment for outlets
Food and Beverage Outlets

Pests are serious problems for food and beverage outlets. Hence, our pest control services include the most comprehensive and effective plan against any type of pests in your outlets. With our pest control package, the worries of pests will go away.

outdoor spaces pest extermination
Outdoor Spaces

The nature of outdoor spaces means drastically different requirements than any indoor pest control services. Our pest control service specialist is equipped with the most efficient outdoor pest control devices to deter pest infestation through baiting, fogging and other techniques.

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