How to Get Rid of Cockroaches

There are so many species of cockroaches on earth but only a few of them infests or places of work and homes. All cockroaches around have different features to distinguish them. But then, all in all, they are all pests that cause damage to our properties and health risks. Common species that are found in our workplaces and homes are the German cockroaches, the oriental and American species. Other species similar to them are rarely found at our homes.  

Identifying if your home/workplace has a cockroach infestation  

There are different ways you can identify the infestation of these pests, some of them are;        

To identify these three species, here are features to help you identify them:

German Cockroach

german cockroach

To identify this species, they are brownish in colour and they have got two lighter stripes on the backside of their heads. It's among the fastest breeding cockroach species and they normally grow up to about 15mm length.  

Oriental Cockroach

oriental cockroach

They are identified by their black/dark brown colour with a body that is shiny. They normally move slower than expected and they are about 25mm long.  

American Cockroach

They are reddish brown in colour with a stripe on their heads. They grow to lengths of about 25mm long.    

Options to rid of a Cockroach Problem  

Cockroach Trap  

You can consider making an own trap with a clear glass jar with a little bait inside or purchase one with a sticky surface. These are the best options when you need to deal with this kind of problem.  

Cockroach Extermination Chemicals  

It is another option that is commonly used nowadays by many people out there. Purchase sprays that are meant to kill these pests from any selling store. You should take precaution when handling these sprays since they might be harmful to your health and the environment at large.  

Steps in Taking Precaution for Handling an Infestation


Scheduling regular inspections of the affected site are the first thing to consider. The inspections are meant to focus on regions where these pests are most likely to dwell and identify a potential cause of their coming.  

Preventive Action  

Regular inspections will help come up will possible vulnerabilities in the general planned pest management work and you need to take the right steps to address the problem before they will multiply greatly. You can consider some common and effective measures like proper sanitation and exclusion to reduce the pressure they may be causing.  


As we have learned, there are many cockroach species in the world. Different cockroach species have different features and behaviors at large. You need to identify the problematic species and come up with an appropriate elimination method for the same.  


After proper identification of the species at your workplace or house, it's better you now start figuring out what brought them there. Is it an accumulation of moisture or food debris? Once you get to know the answer to this, you will automatically know how you will control them effectively.

Treatment Selection and Documentation  

It is recommended that we use non-chemical methods to get rid of these pests. These are methods such as exclusion and trapping. You will consider using chemicals when all other methods seem not to work properly. But then, use them in the least volatile formulations and in some targeted regions.  

Ingredients used to address the problem  

In case non-chemical methods fail to address your problem well, there are so many ingredients you can try out and I bet they will help restore the condition of your living and working site. These are right from the insecticidal ducts, avermectin poison, insect growth regulators, hydramethylnon based bait stations, you can consider steam cleaning, and also carbon dioxide fumigation among other ingredients.  


In case the infestation is huge and you aren't capable of handling it yourself, this can be a serious one and there is need to consult an expert pest control service firm to help you get rid of these cockroaches. Considering Aegis Pest Control professionals for this job can be the best thing to consider as they have skills and the right equipment to carry out this job effectively. You have got also a chance to request for a quote in case you require their services.

June 14, 2019

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