How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are dangerous insects. Their bites can cause a variety of diseases, the most common one being malaria. To avoid the diseases, you can try eliminating standing water, do a broadcast chemical treatment, place mosquito dunks, and apply liquid larvicide. Besides these, you can do a bacterial treatment or use non-pesticide approaches to get rid of the mosquitoes.

Interestingly, mosquitoes can infest any place, be it a home or place of work. For this reason, choose the best way to exterminate them and try it out to avoid the disease associated with them.  

Identifying the Different Types of Mosquitoes  

There are thousands of species of mosquitoes that are found in everywhere. Some of the most common species include the following:

Anopholes Mosquito  

anopheles mosquito

Has its origin in Africa and is known for Malaria transmission. It is fond of living in cold climates, and it has the following features for identity:

Culex Mosquito

culex mosquito

Mostly found in the tropical climate and common for transmission of filariasis, encephalitis and West Nile virus. It can be identified through the following features:

Aedes Mosquito  

aedes mosquito

The mosquito originated from Africa and is known to carry yellow fever. It can be identified through the following features:

How to Inspect Common Areas in Which Mosquitoes Hide  

draining dirty water

Inspection of the places the mosquitoes live in is a challenging errand that requires a lot of care. You can follow the steps below to know how to go about the inspection of areas in which mosquitoes hide.

  1. Gather the Proper Protective Clothing and Tools - You should ensure that you have protective gear for the mission. Gloves, sleeves, long pant, and a mask are crucial to avoid any bite.  
  2. Spot the Areas of Stagnant Water - The second step is to identify all the areas where water collect. It is these areas that give the mosquitoes a breeding ground, and they need to be cleared.  
  3. Get Rid of Water - Ensure that no water collects and stagnates around your compound. If you cannot safely channel the water to a drain, use a bucket to fetch it and dispose of it. No container or ditch should keep water in your compound.  
  4. Develop a Long-Lasting Plan - It may not be enough to empty and drain all the water in your compound. You need to develop a long-term plan for the stagnating water. You can get a professional to do some landscaping to avoid water stagnation in the future.  

Treatment Options for Killing/Getting Rid of Mosquitoes

To avoid the problem of mosquito bites, you can try the following on how to get rid of mosquitoes;  

1. Removing Stagnant Water  

Standing water gives the mosquitoes a breeding ground. Once the water is drained, no multiplication will occur, and they will decrease and eventually become extinct in your home.  

2. Treatment  

Pyrethroid sprays can be used to kill mosquitoes. They should be sprayed on the entire compound to make the fight against mosquitoes effective.  

3. Using Dunks  

This is a chemical method that kills larvae in standing water. These dunks yield immediate and long-lasting results and can take up to two months before there is a need to reapply.  

4. Larvicide  

Liquid larvicide is applied on water directly using a sprayer. It kills mosquitoes on the water, the eggs, and the larvae.  

5. Using Bacteria  

Bacillus thurengiensis is an example of a bacteria that is harmless to fish, plants, and other animals. However, it eliminates mosquitoes in the water.  

6. Natural Herbs  

Some natural herbs can also be used to repel mosquitoes in your compound. Below are a few good DIY examples for getting rid of mosquitoes.  

7. Natural Oils  

A variety of natural oils can also be used to prevent mosquitoes. Such include lavender oils. Still, a combination of coconut oil and neem oil can also do a perfect job.  

8. Lemon balm

If you crush lemon balm and apply it on your body, mosquitoes will not come near you. The balm should contain citronella, as this is the key repellant.  

9. A Recipe of Epsom Salt  

A combination of Epsom salt, Listerine mouthwash, and beer can also keep mosquitoes off you. Make the mixture and apply it on your skin.  Other ways of getting rid of mosquitoes include chemical use, the mosquito net, mosquito magnet, bug zappers, coffee grounds, and a dryer sheet.

mosquito control expert

If an infestation by mosquitoes in your area cannot be contained, it is good to call a professional to do the elimination. Aegis Pest Services provides this particular service exceptionally and you can request a quote if you require this service.

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