How to Get Rid of Rats

One of the main problems that many homeowners face in Singapore is a rat problem. As rats try to get food and shelter, they may quickly end up in your home if you don't have proper proofing measures. However, if these rodents already infested your home, you shouldn't worry. There are great tips that will help you to get rid of rats in your home and protect it from future attacks. If you feel that DIY tips are complicated for you getting professional help could be a good idea. Aegis Pest Services is a rodent control expert, and we will put the necessary measures to get rats out of your home.  

How do you know rats have infested your home?  Several signs will help you know when rats attack your home. Rats will spread diseases, damage properties, and bring other insects such as ticks and this is why you should take the necessary action when you notice any of the signs in your home.

The following signs will help you to know when rats have infested your home:

rat hiding

1. Teeth marks  

As rats try to trim their teeth, they will keep biting plastics and woods. They will also bite on packaged food and if you notice any sharp bites on your furniture and other items you should know your home is infested.  

2. Rat manure  

Rat droppings are another sign of rats in your home. You will find these droppings in clusters and especially in the morning. These droppings will have a dark brown color and in the size of a rice grain.  

3. Scratching sounds  

Black rats are good climbers, and they will gain access to your ceiling and upstairs. When your home is infested, you will hear scratching noises at night.  

4. Rub marks  

Rats will have poor eyesight, making them have a lot of grease and dust on their bodies. As they pass through your coaches and floor, they will leave dark marks indicating their presence in your house.  

5. Running tracks  

These rodents will leave footprints in dusty parts of your building, and you will see them when you check less used parts in your house. You can sprinkle white powder and check in the morning again to confirm. If you find tail marks still you can conclude that your home is infested.  

6. Nests  

Rats will use a soft material to build nests in your house, and if you find rat nests, then it's a clear sign there are rodents in your building.  

7. Burrows  

Another indicator for rats is burrows around your home. Rats dig deep holes for shelter and hiding food.  

Tips to Keep Rats Away from Your Home  

throwing organic wastes

Instead of waiting until your house is infested you can practice below tips and keep rats away from your home.  

How to Get Rid of Rats  

mouse trap

If you are already experiencing the signs of a rat infestation, then it's too late to protect your home. The only solution now is to get a way of eliminating them. There are different ways to get rid of rats. You can go for a professional option or DIY methods. However, it is recommended to go for a professional service if your home is deeply infested or you find it challenging to go for DIY methods. When you go for DIY methods you will need to purchase some poisons and rats’ bait.  The following are some DIY ways to eliminate rats:

  1. Store your food in tight containers
  2. Clear food spills immediately
  3. Ensure there are no hiding places by removing all the bulky equipment
  4. Empty your dustbin regularly
  5. Make sure your house has no crevices which a great hiding place might be  


There are different ways of killing and preventing rats at home or workplace, but you can use a professional pest services company if you want the problem to be solved faster and efficiently. Aegis Pest Services helps you to get rid of rats, and you can request a quote if and when you need this service.

June 14, 2019

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