How to Get Rid of Termites

Also known as white ants, termites constitute a common pest infestation problem in tropical regions like Singapore. Left uncontrolled, a termite infestation is likely to cause irreparable damage to your home. There are different types of termites that your home may get infested by. Whatever the type/s it may be, they cause immense damage to your home.

If you find in your home winged termites looking for an exit, it is a clear sign of termite infestation. You may find the termites particularly near windows and doors, though you can find them elsewhere.

However, you can find them anywhere in the home. Furthermore, termites can infest your home around the year. Every season can be termite season. You must therefore adopt a termite control plan that you could put into force in your home at any time. We'll discuss here how to get rid of termites.

Types of Termites    

Your home may be infested by different types of termites such as dry wood termites, damp wood termites, conehead termites, Formosan termites, and subterranean termites. Your home may be infested by any or a combination of these termites irrespective of its location.

Dry Wood Termites

drywood termites

Damp Wood Termites

dampwood termites

Conehead Termites

conehead termites

Formosan Termites

formosan termites

Subterranean Termites

Subterranean Termites

The more common types of termites that are found in Singapore are: subterranean termite (Coptotermes spp.), damp wood Termite (Neotermes spp.), and dry wood termite (Cryptotermes spp.). The subterranean termite causes most part - as much as 90% of termite damage in Singapore. Thus, these termites are the most destructive.

How to Inspect for Termites    

There are certain signs to show that your home is infested by termites. These are warning signs and therefore, you should take prompt remedial steps to get rid of them.

Bubbled or cracked paint

Termites attack wood and in the process, they destroy the cellulose that constitutes the interior of the wood. When they try to reach the wood surface, the paint becomes bubbled. The bubbles contain frass (a waste product). The wall may crack in such a way it is not because of issues in the foundation.      

You can find the termites anywhere in your home

You can find them around the doors and windows, and in cabinets. In cabinets, they can stay concealed for a long time. Your cabinet might be seriously damaged by the time you notice the infestation.

Look for tube shelters of mud

When you break them, you will find termites swarming around. These are subterranean termites.

You may find small piles of pellets of fecal matter coming out of the hollow wood

The pellets are small, dry, hard and all the same in shape. This is a signs of termites infestation by dry wood termites. If you find small files of pellets of fecal matter that are soft, all in the same size and are damp, it is a sign of infestation by damp wood termites.

Wood is hollow

As termites eat the interior of the wood, they leave a frame of cellulose. When you tap on the wood, they are found to make noise because of the vibration of air inside.      

How to Kill Termites

wood treatment
  1. It is more important to get rid of food that could feed termites before destroying them. This may include wood, limber, or debris of paper located close to the foundation of the home. It can become a place for termites' colony.
  2. Make sure there are screens in places where there are vents. This will prevent the pest from getting inside your home.
  3. You can use chemicals solutions. You can get them in hardware stores as well as online. These include liquid pesticides that target termites to kill them. It is applied to the soil.      
  4. You could also use building materials that are anti-termite by mixing the termite killing ingredients.
  5. You could use wood treatment as required.

How to Prevent Termites

In view of the untold destruction that termites might cause should they left uncontrolled; the best thing is prevention. To get rid of termites from your home, you should act as soon as possible - you should do it in the first place.    

Once you have taken steps such as removing sources that feed termites, putting up screens, etc., make sure that your plumbing system performs optimally. If the plumbing system has any sort of leakage, it could contribute to termite infestation.    

Water’s Role in Prevention

Water is a contributory factor for termite problem because along with cellulose, it is essential for their survival. You should make sure water does not get pooled near the home foundation. If such pools are formed, make sure to eliminate them immediately.

Clean your gutter system regularly. This is because if this system is clogged it will bring water near the foundation of the home. If your gutter system sends out water, install a basin. This will enable rainwater drained properly. Let a good amount of airflow in the home. If your home has good air circulation, it prevents a buildup of moisture. This prevents termite get colonies naturally. You should make sure it happens near the bathroom.      

Another tip is to install exhaust fans, which will send out hot air and moisture staying near the wall, making them damp.      


termite control

Thus, there are several methods of preventing and killing termites in your home. However, you can consult professional pest control services offering company. In such a reality, they will eliminate the problem with great expertise and completely. Aegis Pest Services offers such quality termite control service. You can request a quote if you are in the need of this service.

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