Rodents: Rats and Mice – Facts to Get Rid of Them

You are probably thinking about rats or mice when you heard the word ‘rodent’. But nope, there are actually different types of rodent species, among which rats, mice, hamsters, and guinea pigs are the most well-known. Most rodent species are harmless and can be taken even as pets. However, some can be annoying pests and can even damage your properties. Most rodents are small with sturdy bodies and long tails, and all of them have two front sharp teeth which they use to bite or chew their food. Some rodents are herbivores, eating only seeds or other plant substances. But there are also some that almost everything from woods, paper to even clothes. These are the types of rodents that are often described as pests.

Mice are indeed rodents, but they're not the only animals considered so.

The word “rodent” comes from Latin nomenclature, and it means “to gnaw”. They are well-equipped for this activity through the use of their distinguishing feature – a pair of incisors in the upper and lower jaws. Aside from gnawing food, they use their sharp incisors to break through barriers and to defend themselves. Rodents’ front teeth can grow 4½ to 6 inches each year, so they have to constantly wear them down by gnawing.

Keep reading, as we have gathered more information and some fascinating facts about rodents.

Facts About Rodents

Below are the must-knows for home owners who want to get rid of rodent pests at home.

 What You Should Know About Rodents

rodent control tips
Rodents are known for their incisors, which they use to gnaw on just about anything.

Do not let your house be a rodents' hiding place. They are capable of spreading and carrying fatal and deadly diseases by consuming and contaminating our food. Most rodents can be extremely dangerous not only because they can damage our property, but also because they are an overall threat to humans’ health. If you notice chew marks and droppings in hidden spaces or hear squeak sounds in your ceiling, it is better to contact a licensed pest control professional to take good care of the problem. Aegis Pest Services can get you covered by our state-of-the-art equipment and methods to ensure the most efficient elimination.


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