Is Lemongrass Effective against Mosquitoes?

Lemongrass leaves are the most common plants found in India and are used for medical products, mosquito nets and insects. Lemongrass oil is also used in cosmetics, supplements, fragrances, colors and smell as well as many different items.

Lemongrass Development

Lemongrass grows best in the whole sun and humidity, and the taxi spreads by dividing a group of roots into groups. Lemongrass leaves can be dried or enhanced, but require water shortage before use.

Lemongrass is very soft, concentrated only on a spectacular level. Lemongrass is known for seafood because of its lemon juice and smell.

Not like DEET, which can be poisonous and safe, lemongrass is, in large quantity, safe and registered in the list of EPA-GRAS (for the most part considered to be protected). People around the world have come to rely on the explosive and spooky properties of lemongrass and use them as individual and national splashes. Currently, many elements of damage are transferred to any natural modification as an increasing number of negative information about text compounds found in the vast majority of the best rescue products are supplied.

Lemongrass is known as citronella plants. The following are part of the behavior that you can use lemongrass oil as mosquito medicine:

Purchase fresh oil of lemongrass

Unchanged, secure and original. You can use it in a weak way, including refined water or alcohol. At that time, answer your answer in the bathtub, so you can use it effectively. Remember that frozen lemon oil can cause skin to become worse, so you must first make it. Try with a small dose of your skin before using it on your body's remains.

Burn lighting & candles

Do this if you have a great outdoor space that you need to protect from mosquitoes. Mixtures, for example, many lamps, lamps and tea lamps increase in your garden. Setting edge near your grill or trip zone with lighting, lighting and candles, guarantees the level of space in the mosquito movement.

Connecting lemongrass oil to other natural oils

Connecting the lemongrass mosquito oil and other natural oils to provide more powerful mosquitoes. You can mix the lemongrass oil with eucalyptus lemon oil for about 5 to 6 hours of mosquito insurance. You can also mix lemongrass oil and rosemary oil to get more scent. This can prevent a large number of spooky types.

Add drops or lemongrass oil to your cosmetic products

If you include this fragrant part of your cosmetic items (shampoos, creams, cleaning of water and sunlight), mosquitoes will leave. Add vegetables to your garden. If you do, when you start having your lemongrass oil supply. Just crush the leaves, rub the leaf and squeeze the stem on your skin, or cut the stems and leaves.

How lemongrass oil works

As you know, lemon juice looks like a tonic, which can make your body function well. This basic fat allows rapid nutrients to absorb your body, which makes your system resistant to be strengthened.

You can use it on top, you can spread through vaporizer, you can insert it and you can import it. Make sure your efficiency is used according to the circumstances you need to treat or develop. Spread the lemongrass oil as you need to calm tension and stress. First, focus it on and then use it to encourage areas of pain or regions caused by your body. If you want to take lemongrass oil in the mouth, you should first consult with your health care provider.


If you choose to use lemongrass oil to eliminate pests such as mosquitoes and other deceptive insects, you should submit a service. In its incomplete structure, lemon juice can damage or grab your skin due to a large amount of citral in it. You must mix lemon oil with other oils, for example, coconut oil. To make sure you can not be infected with lemongrass oil, do a correction test. This will indicate any negative responses, which you may have when contacted with lemongrass oil.

The effects of lemongrass oil

Some of the symptoms (high heads) that people get sensitive to lemon juice are stimulating emotions, skin disorders, skin and discomfort. The use of lemon oil also reduces blood glucose. In this way, if you take a blood pressure or diabetes medicine, you should not take citongrass oil. This basic fat will not be prescribed for nursing mothers, pregnant women and children. It is advisable to advise your professional before using or using lemongrass oil. Consider the health situation analyzed, for example, kidney or liver disease.

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