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Our 3-Step ANT Elimination:
HOW TO get rid of ANTS in no time

Inspection & Identification
Plan & Elimination
Follow-up & Monitoring
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Inspection &

Species Identification

Ants are one of the most diverse groups of insects. They possess distinct behaviors and thus each species can cause different damages. The most common type in Singapore is black house ant, which may be a nuisance once its population becomes out of control. Fire ants and carpet ants are especially annoying to house-owners thanks to their pernicious abilities to cause significant damage even with a small number of ants. As all these species have very similar appearances, our specialists in Singapore are specially trained to identify the exact species of concern, greatly helping our subsequent evaluation procedures.

Hotspot Triangulation

Most ant infestation originates from outdoors but some are capable of building colonies indoor. As a result, getting rid of ants is not easy. Our hotspot triangulation identifies infestation sources to determine the best combination of treatments subsequently. For example, outdoor colonies are best treated with baiting but indoor colonies can be eliminated completely using chemical sprays.

Damage Assessment

Most of the damages that ants cause are invisible, and we can detect and assess accurately the damage in the vicinity. This assessment helps us to determine the severity of infestation. In the case of carpet ants, for example, our Singapore pest  experts may also recommend replacing some wooden structures in the house if wood decay is a serious problem.

Ms Tan

The ant problem in our house used to be very annoying. Initially, we tried to bear with it or to clear them by ourselves. However, the problem did not go away until Aegis came in. They quickly identified that the ants in our house were carpet ants, and recommended immediate treatment because they had already caused quite serious damages in the house. We are glad, nevertheless, after baiting and chemical spraying was done, the ants were no longer visible in the house! After secondary treatment, the ants did not come back for the past few months. We are very fortunate to hire Aegis Pest Services on time and their expertise really impresses us.

Ms. Tan

Plan & Elimination

Customized Ant Control Plan

Based on the results of inspection and identification, we will recommend a specific combination of pest treatment services that we offer, including usage of baiting, insecticide spraying, dusting and spot treatments. The choice of exact method will be subject to our clients' needs, and many other factors, including the degree and urgency of infestation, the health of family members and the presence of pets.

customized ant control service
Professional, Safe Execution

Our professional baiting devices ensure complete elimination of ant population while remaining safe for pets and children. Thanks to our accurate triangulation of hotspot, we only use our baiting and spraying mechanism in the targeted area, thus minimizing human exposure and providing quick control as well as long-term residual effects against ant population.

ant control singapore
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Ms Lee

"I did not take the ants in the office seriously, as I thought they were not a problem for us -- until they became so prevalent. Thankfully, Aegis Pest Services Singapore was prompt in addressing our problem. We had since been in a long-term partnership relationship, and Aegis Pest Services provided constant professional check of our work space as well as comprehensive reports and suggestions in integrated pest management for us. With all the worries of pests gone, all our colleagues can now concentrate on our business solely."

Mr. Lee

Following-up & Monitoring

Secondary Treatment

Our pest control specialists in Singapore will implement follow up monitoring using baiting techniques or insecticide applications on ant populations that may plague your properties.


Even after completely eliminating the ant population, customers are still worried of the infestations that these pests leave in their properties. Through our customized pest service plan, we ensure that everything is completely wiped out and infection free.

Preventive Consultations

Ants will always come back and reinfect your properties. But with Aegis Pest Services, we are strictly determined to have the best preventive measures and treatment plans for your ant problems.

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Ms Lim

"After trying a lot of pest eradication methods, ants still came back to our properties a month or so after any elimination mechanism. We became very frustrated at some point of time until we found Aegis Pest Services. They did not only eliminate the pests but also provided valuable suggestions in controlling ants in the future. Thanks to their patient guidance, ants never come back now!"

Ms. Lim

we Provide ANT REMOVAL Services For

residential ant control service

"How do you kill ants at home?" This is a common issue for home owners and may need for pest control services. Thus, our comprehensive packages for Singapore residential clients has the best solution for your ant problems - from planning and investigation, to identification and elimination, and to monitoring and prevention.

commercial ant removal
Commercial Buildings

Office and commercial spaces are often neglected from ant infestations. But this issue can be very economically damaging especially to office equipment. Thus, we provide a comprehensive plan of monitoring and controlling to get rid of ants immediately.

ant treatment for outlets
Food and Beverage Outlets

With the amount of food left overs and crumbs in your F&B Outlets, ants are a crucial dilemma to your customer satisfaction and service quality. Our goal is to get rid of these ants and bring back the satisfaction of customers and quality of service to Singaporean outlet owners.

outdoor spaces ant extermination
Outdoor Spaces

Ants are everywhere and recreational and outdoor spaces are no exception. Insecticides and minor control measures are not recommended thus our pest specialists in Singapore provide customized plans to be ant worry free.

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