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Our 3-Step Bed Bug TREATMENT:
HOW TO get rid of Bed Bugs in no time

Inspection & Identification
Plan & Elimination
Follow-up & Monitoring
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Inspection &

Species Identification

Bed bugs are rather hard to find because they tend to hide in dark places during daytime and they are tiny before consuming blood. However, signs of bed bugs can be detected by our professional pest technicians in Singapore. When they are successfully identified to be present in your bedrooms then we can initiate treatment mechanisms. 

Hotspot Triangulation

One common misconception among our clients is that bed bugs only infest the beds. In fact, they can infest any wooden structure and even walls. Only treating your beds will merely push the bed bug population towards other parts of your properties, and these pests will come back again. Therefore, we are committed to triangulate every possible infested areas to ensure 100% elimination.

Damage Assessment

The extent of bed bug infestation determines our treatment methods, so we are extremely cautious in assessing the damage that they have already caused in your properties. In the case of serious infestation, all furniture may need to be heat treated for complete elimination.

Mr Bay

"Bed bugs are really, really terrible to have in the house. I couldn't sleep for a sound night for months, because of the itchiness that these pests caused. That terrible experience almost put me into depression. Thanks to a friend of mine, I came across Aegis Pest Services Singapore. They quickly identified bed bugs as the main problems in the house and provided a detailed plan in eliminating the pests. I was really delighted after their treatment and now I can sleep well every night"

Mr. Bay

Plan & Elimination

Personalized Bed Bug Removal Strategy

Because bed bugs are such pernicious pests, different room layout and furniture may require very different pest removal solutions. Sometimes, they may infest areas across different apartments and thus require collective efforts from neighbors to eliminate them totally. Based on the severity of the issue, we generate a customized effective bed bugs control services.

customized bed bug control service
Professional, Safe Execution

Due to the potential chemical resistance present in many bed bugs now, professional execution of chemical sprays, heat and vacuum treatments are important in eliminating them. An inappropriate treatment not only fails to solve the problem but also makes the bed bugs more difficult to kill the next time. Our combinations of treatment methods, as well as thorough and professional execution of control measures, ensure the total elimination of pest problem in your properties.

bed bug control singapore
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Mr Wang

"My biggest fear when I hired a pest management company was that bed bugs might come back even though I spent so much money onto the elimination process. I understood that treatment of these hard-to-kill pests could be expensive, but I just did not want to spend my money on nothing. Aegis Pest Services, to my surprise, offered good rates and was very professional in treating bed bugs - they did not come back later!"

Mr. Wang

Following-up & Monitoring

Secondary Treatment

One-time treatment may not solve the bed bug problem entirely, especially because many bed bug eggs are immune to most chemicals. Our secondary treatment is thus crucial in controlling bed bugs in your properties in Singapore.


Even after the clearing of bed bugs, their dead bodies may still be a nuisance for our clients. Our customized plan ensures cleaning are thorough and well-done to eliminate all bed bug products such as dead bodies as well as proper disinfection of the source of pests and its surroundings.

Preventive Consultations

Bed bugs can be a constant problem for seasoned travelers. When you're out enjoying the wild, your home is suffering from severe pest issues. With Aegis Singapore, we make sure that our overall service includes preventive steps and control measures of all bed bugs in your house, so you don't have to worry about them when you're out!

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Ms Fiona

"Working with Aegis Pest is such a wonderful experience. Their constant treatment at our hotel in Singapore ensures that bed bugs are never a problem for our customers. The quality of services by Aegis Pest Services ensures the quality of our services."

Ms. Fiona

We Provide BED BUG Control Services For

residential bed bug control service

Households especially your sofas, beds and cushions are target spots of bed bugs and can severely put the health of children and elderly at risk. But, Aegis Pest always makes sure that its services are the safest and most effective. We eliminate the pests, and we prioritize your health! 

commercial bed bug removal
Commercial Buildings

Offices and work spaces make a good place for bed bugs. They can easily populate and can be economically damaging to a company if not taken care of immediately. Let Aegis Pest Singapore handle your pest problems, and your company will be back on its optimal productivity.

bed bug treatment for outlets
Food and Beverage Outlets

In Singapore, even restaurants and food and beverage outlets alike are not immune to bed bugs. They are natural hitch hikers and can be present almost everywhere. The presence of meals near them is a major contributing factor. Our pest treatment is safe and efficient and your business will never have to worry about it!

outdoor spaces bed bug extermination
Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor environment is very different than indoors and the requirements in performing pest treatment may be drastic. Moreover, bed bugs in these places are the hardest to find, but we have equipped our staff with the most efficient devices perfect for outdoor areas and perform various techniques such as fogging and baiting to look for them and eliminate them.

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