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overview of the bedok neighborhood

Bedok is a matured residential area situated in the Eastern area of Singapore. With affordable housing prices,it is the largest planning area in Singapore, with nearly 289,000 people. In addition to public housing projects, private areas are also dominant in this area, mostly in Siglap, Frankel Avenue, and Bayshore. In addition to the maritime border with the Singapore Strait in the southeast and south, Bedok is also bordered with Geylang in the west, Marine Parade in the southwest, Tampines in the east and northeast, Hougang in the northwest, and Paya Lebar in the north.

The Bedok New Town was planned and developed in 1973. It was the 5th new town built by the HDB. These days, it is still being developed around a sports complex and unique landscaped park. There are approximately 580 units of HUDC flats, 2700 executive condos, and 58000 HDB flats in the area. Bedok is currently into eight subzones with 16 different districts, including Bedok North, Bayshore, Bedok Reservoir, Siglap, Kembangan, Bedok South, Frankel, and Kaki Bukit. There are six MRT station in the area across two lines, the Downtown Line and the East-West Line. As of 2017, there are up to 22 educational institutions in Bedok.


Bedok is a populous planning area, making it an ideal place for pests and insects to look for water, food, and shelter. Thus, there is a variety of pests in this area. Some of the most common ones include:


Cockroaches are undoubtedly one of the most common types of insects in Bedok and Singapore. They can be found anywhere in your house, especially behind walls and other hidden places. More seriously, they can grow quickly and take up a lot of space. These species can spread dangerous diseases such as by contaminating our foods. Since they tend to work at night, it is not simple to find and exterminate them.


Mice and rats seem to be cute, but they can cause severe damages in your home with their nesting or gnawing. Also, their droppings and odorous urine would spread dangerous diseases. Since they can grow exponentially, the risks of damages and diseases could be increased if you don’t look for a good pest control service timely.


Another common type of pests in Bedok is the mosquito. They can fly around and bite anyone, which would result in irritation. In serious cases, mosquitos could transmit many dangerous diseases to your body.


The noises from flies when they move around can be annoying for many people. But that is not the biggest trouble. They can transmit many harmful viruses such as E.coli, Salmonella, and Vibrio.


Being a homeowner could be challenging, and pest control is one of these troubles. There are so many types of insects in Bedok which might cause serious issues to your family. Fortunately, you can easily deal with these problems by hiring a professional pest exterminator. Here are three reasons why it is a good idea to have these tasks done by a pest removal service.

Create a comfortable living space

By removing all of the invasive species such as rodents, insects, or bugs from your home with a professional exterminator, you can create a comfortable space without smells, noises, or diseases. This means your family can rest assured that it is totally free of harmful components. As a result, you will have peace of mind and enjoy your daily life.

Minimize structural damages

Another benefit of hiring a pest control in Singapore is that it can prevent harmful pests from causing damages to the interior structures of your house. Some insects such as roof rats, bees, or carpenter ants could get into interior walls or attics and destroy these structural supports. If left untreated for a long time, it might result in dangerous accidents in your home and cost you a lot of money for renovation.

Maintain the value of the property

If you are planning to sell your house, then it is really important to get rid of all pests and insects with a professional exterminator. By taking an overall look, any potential purchasers can easily tell if the space is dealing with pest issues. Thus, you don’t want to lose these buyers or reduce the selling prices just because of some cockroaches or rats. Having a comprehensive pest removal will be the best option to save your money.

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