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Our 3-Step Bees, wasps and hornets Elimination
Will get rid of your BEes, wasps and hornets in no time

Inspection & Identification
Plan & Elimination
Follow-up & Monitoring
beehive removal

Inspection &

Species Identification

Species determine treatments. Stinging insects are diverse. Bees, wasps and hornets all require different methods of pest control. Upon being stung, the patients also need completely different treatments depending on the types of insects. Hence, in order to achieve most effective elimination, our pest control specialists in Singapore are particularly careful of species identification in stinging insects.

Hotspot Triangulation

Triangulating the nest of stinging insects is very important in solving the pest problem. Usually, bee hives may appear both in-ground and above-ground as well as within building structures, while carpet bees may build nests in wooden structures in the house. Our pest control specialists are equipped with the knowledge and experience to narrow down exactly the source of pests.

Damage Assessment

Most of the time, the extent of infestation by stinging insects can be assessed through the size of the colony after triangulating the hive. Nevertheless, some specific types of stinging insects, for example carpet bees, may require more expertise from our pest control specialists.

Mr Singh

"I barely paid any attention when I saw a few bees in the house, because I thought the bees would just go away soon. But when there were more and more of them, I became nervous. Eventually after I called, Aegis Pest Services came for a spot check and quickly identified the bees as carpet bees. They came up a detailed plan to clean up the house. It did take some effort to do so. But everything turned out fine afterwards."

Mr. Singh

Plan & Elimination

Customized Pest Control Plan

The process of eliminating stinging insects may cause potential damage because stinging insects tend to be greatly agitated by chemicals or physical forces. Hence, a customized plan is crucial in effectively destroying the stinging insect colonies while keeping it safe for our clients and nearby neighbors. Our pest experts in Singapore consider all our clients’ needs in generating a customized pest control plan.

customized bee control service
Professional, Safe Execution

Our pest control specialists implement various precaution measurements to ensure the safety of all our clients. By conducting the clearance at night when stinging insects are least active, for instance, can effectively reduce the possible side effect of agitated insects. Our pest control specialists in Singapore are well-trained to conduct physical removal as well as chemical spraying in the most professional and effective manner.

beehive removal singapore
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Mr Chin

Our biggest worry when any Singapore pest control company removes hives is safety. While staff involved can be protected with safety clothes, because of the great mobility of these bees, we are very concerned with whether the frightened bees will just go sting on innocent people out there. However, Aegis Pest Services convinced us that they could contain the bees in the enclosed areas. They were very professional in identifying potential entrances to the nest and in covering all these entrances. We managed to clear the bee hive without causing any damage to other people.

Mr. Chin

Following-up & Monitoring

Secondary Treatment

Usually through the removal of hives, stinging insect problem can be addressed. However, in the case of, for example, carpet bees, our specialists will activate secondary spraying when deemed necessary to eliminate the stinging insect population in your properties.


Removal of hives after chemical dusting also requires expertise knowledge. Our pest control specialists are able to clean any remaining stinging insect after the application of chemical treatment.

Preventive Consultations

Re-infestation happens often because of systematic problems associated with the properties. Our professional pest control specialists offer customized tips for further preventive measures that you should take to protect your properties. Our comprehensive services will ensure that stinging insects do not come back in the future

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Mr Tan

We are very happy with our long-term partnership with Aegis Pest Services Singapore. Their pest control specialists are experienced and caring. They are always meticulous of the quality of their work and safety is their highest priority.

Mr. Tan

We Provide Pest Control Services For

residential beehive control service

Even small population of stinging insects can be a great nuisance for Singaporean residents, especially where children or elderly are present. We are committed to clear all stinging insects for your dear homes.

commercial beehive removal
Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings can become hotbeds for small bee hives. Our pest control services in Singapore are committed to eliminating hives as well as hornets and wasps while securing safety for all stakeholders.

beehive treatment for outlets
Food and Beverage Outlets

Pests are serious problems for food and beverage outlets. Hence, our pest control services in Singapore include the most comprehensive and effective plan against any type of pests in your outlets. With our package, the worries of pests will go away.

outdoor spaces bee extermination
Outdoor Spaces

Physical removal of hives or nests are usually desired in outdoor spaces, and our pest specialists are well-trained in doing so and in minimizing the potential damage that such removal may cause.

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