Pest Control in bukit Batok

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overview of the bukit batok neighborhood

Bukit Batok or Bt Batok is a residential town based in the eastern area of West Region. It is statistically ranked as the 12th most populated area with 102,000 people, and the 25th largest region with a total area of 11.13 square kilometers. It shares the same boundary with Jurong East, Choa Chu Kang, Bukit Panjang, Clementi, Bukit Timah, and Tengah. The whole planning area is mainly located on Gombak norite, which is a geological formation found in high concentrations, as well as in western areas of Bukit Panjang. It was the presence of this igneous rock that turned Bukit Batok into an important location to quarry industry in the country the mid-20th century.

Bukit Batok is currently is divided into nine subzones, including Hillview, Hong Kah North, Gombak,Guilin, Bukit Batok South, Bukit Batok West, Bukit Batok East, Brickworks, and Bukit Batok Central. West Mall is the largest shopping complex in this planning area with eight stories and a total area of approximately 26,300 square meters. It includes a variety of facilities such as a post office, shops, library,supermarket, Cineplex, and restaurants. There are two MRT stations in the area: the Bukit Gombak and Bukit Batok. In addition, local residents can travel and commute with the Bust Interchange.


Here are some of the most common pests that you can find in most offices and homes in Bukit Batok:


A centipede would grow up to four centimeters and have nearly 180 legs. In fact, they are good at killing other insects. However, they can bite people and cause irritation. Some common places you can find them include damp areas like bathrooms or basements.


Ticks transmit harmful bacteria which might cause Lyme disease and other serious conditions to humans and pets. They often have small sizes as a seed and black or reddish colour.


Another common pest in Bukit Batok is the house fly which feeds on rodents matter or dead animals. They carry poisons and pathogens such as tuberculosis or anthrax. House flies can grow quickly in less than 1 week.


Related to carpenter ants, these black and yellow bees can dig deep into woods and create nests to lay eggs. This might cause serious damages to your structures and wooden furniture.


Carpet beetles eat any organic products and fibers around and in your business or home. Thus, they could be very destructive if not removed quickly. More importantly, these creatures can spread anthrax diseases.


Many homeowners think that pest control is a DIY task. While it is obviously possible to remove pesky pests yourself, there are many risks and difficulties when doing so. Instead, it is better to hire pest removal services for the following reasons:

Maintain your health

The most important benefit of having a professional exterminator is to ensure the well-being of your family members. Many types of pests such as cockroaches would spread diseases and make everybody feel sick. By getting rid of existing creatures and possible infestations, you can be sure there won’t be any source of harmful bacteria or diseases in the future.

Quicker operation

It is quite obvious that a professional pest exterminator could provide more effective and faster results than those homeowners who don’t have experience in these tasks. With in-depth knowledge and many years of experiences, these professionals will know exactly where and how to find all of the damaging pests in your home. Typically, they can complete everything within one to ten hours, depending on the sizes of your apartments and types, number of pests.

Better results

Last but not least, having a pest control service will ensure complete removal of pests and insects in your home. This is really important because if you leave even one or two bugs, they can quickly hatch and grow within days or weeks. By hiring highly trained experts, they will use the right chemicals and tools to seek and kill every pest until the last one is removed. This means you won’t have to be worried about any comebacks in near future.

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