Pest Control in bukit merah

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overview of the bukit merah neighborhood

Bukit Merah or BT Merah is a new town based in the southernmost region of the Central Region. It has the same boundary with Tanglin, Queenstown, Downtown Core, Singapore River, Outram, and Central Area, as well as the same maritime border with the Southern Islands. It is the 10th most populated area in the country and most populated area in the Central Region, with more than 150,000 people.

Before the being industrialized, Bukit Merah was a centre of the heavy industry market in Singapore which accommodated many factories of brickwork and mills. In addition, it is home to the first housing estate in the country - Tiong Bahru. That’s the reason why the total population in this area is quickly increasing over the past few decades.

Bukit Merah is currently divided into eleven subzones, including Telok Blangah, Tion Bahru, Redhill,Singapore General Hospital, Harbour Front, Henderson, Depot Road, Everton Park, Alexandra, Bukit Merah Central, and Bukit Ho Swee. People in the area travel and commute by five MRT stations across three lines:East West, North East, and Circle Line. Additionally, there are two bus interchanges and one bus terminal in the town.



Whether they are fruit flies or house flies, these pests could carry a variety of diseases and bacteria which might cause many health issues. These include rotavirus, dysentery, cholera, or typhoid fever. Also, they can contaminate food products, which leads to huge financial losses for restaurants and businesses. Some flies can even bite humans and lead to itchy bumps.


Contrary to the name, you can find bedbugs in crevices or cracks. They typically feed on your blood and can be very difficult to remove since they can grow and spread quickly. Though they were nearly eliminated, bedbugs have come back in recent years and cause many issues in households.


Ants often come in houses to search for foods. They typically nest on lawns, under paving, in dry, warm soil to look for powdered soil. They prefer sunny climates, so it is no surprise that ants are quite ubiquitous in Singapore.


Meth moths could grow to around two centimeters in length and lay up to 200 eggs on your foods. It is simple to find out their presence through their fecal matter, cast skins, and webbing. This type of pest can be annoying and cause many issues in your family.


Having pests in your home might be a serious issue. Fortunately, you can deal with it easily with Singapore pest control services. Before making decisions, here are three reasons why it is better to hire a professional exterminator:

Peace of mind

Getting rid of pests from your house can be a stressful and challenging task. Many homeowners might even have regular nightmares when they are worried about their comebacks in the future. Nevertheless, you can hire a pest removal service to schedule quarterly or monthly session to ensure that these annoying and harmful creatures are removed from your home. This will give your family and you peace of mind.

Save money by preventing

It is always said that prevention is better than cure. This is especially correct when it comes to pest control.Preventing pests from coming in and infesting your house is often much cheaper and simpler than eliminating or removing them, once they have existed in your property. This means the best option is to hire a pest control service to check your living space frequently and reduce an impending infestation.

Ensure your family safety

The safety and health of your family should always be the most important concern. Since pests carry harmful bacteria and dangerous diseases which would cause many health issues, having regular pest control might be a good option to ensure everybody in your family can live in a healthy and safe environment. By getting rid of ants, flies, or mosquitos, you will prevent them from attacking your kids or biting your wife during the night and causing a lot of troubles.

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