Pest Control in bukit panjang

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overview of the bukit panjang neighborhood

Bukit Panjang or BT Panjang is a planning area situated in the country’s West Region. It is partly based on a low-lying elongated hill and shares the same border with 5 other planning areas, including Bukit Timah,Central Water Catchment, Sungei Kadut, Choa Chu Kang, and Bukit Batok. The whole region covers a total area of approximately 8.99 km2, with 2.2 km2 allocated for residential areas. As of 2017, there were nearly 139,000 people in the town.

The development of this planning area started in 1981 when the Housing and Development Board built many flat buildings. Compared to other regions, this town is quite quiet with many major housing development projects. There are currently three community centres in Bukit Panjang, including Bukit Panjang, Zenghua, and Senja-Cashew, which are often used for meeting recreational, entertainment, and educational needs of the local residents.

Bukit Panjang is located near to two main highways in the country, including the Bukit Timah Expressway and the Kranji Expressway. In addition, there is a ring road that runs through the town. However, the majority of local people still use the bus and light rail system to commute or travel.



Wasps could become a serious issue in your backyard or garden and might enter interior areas through open doors or windows. A large wasp nest might contain more than 25000 wasps. You can easily find them underground, in bushes, trees, wall cavities, and eaves. When wasps feel threatened, they might attack you in large numbers, which might be fatal.


Rats are one of the most common pests in Singapore. Some signs of infestation include teeth marks on cables and droppings. In many cases, they might cut off the electric cables and cause fire hazards. Also, they would spread some dangerous diseases to your family members. Rats might be very persistent in finding ways to access your home.


Termites are one of the most destructive creatures, which might cost you thousands of dollars to repair or renovate your home. If not inspected, controlled, and treated carefully, they could cause extensive damages to the structures of your property, especially wood furniture.


As the name suggests, they can give off an annoying smell when they feel threatened or scared. This might make your family members feel annoying and difficult to sleep at night.


Do you feel tired of annoying pests but don’t know what to do? Fortunately, there are many Singapore pest removal services to help you deal with these issues quickly. Here are three benefits of hiring a professional exterminator:

Prevent diseases

Most pests can roam in your home and carry dangerous diseases which would be easily transmittable to pets and humans. From mosquitos, cockroaches to fleas, these creatures can cause asthma, dengue, plague, and malaria. Thus, it is important to get rid of them as soon as possible to prevent the spreading of harmful bacteria. By hiring a pest removal service, you can ensure a healthy environment without these risks.

Reduce health risks

It is necessary to know that controlling and getting rid of pests can be dangerous tasks since they are involved a lot of poisonous chemicals. Thus, it is better to leave them to an experienced pest exterminator who is highly trained to deal with these issues. He will know exactly where to find these creatures and which chemicals to use for proper removal. If you decide to do everything on your own, it is highly to lead to some massive accidents which can risk the lives and health of your family members.

Enjoy a better life

It is difficult to enjoy your life with annoying noises or smells from invasive pests in your home. Thus, it is better to hire a pest control service to get rid of these creatures. This is especially important when you feel stressful at work and want your time at home more comfortable. With many years of experiences, these professionals will ensure your home is free of these issues, thus improving the quality of life.

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