Pest Control in bukit TIMAH

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overview of the bukit TIMAH neighborhood

Bukit Timah or BT Timah is a residential area situated in the westernmost part of the Central Region. It is located approximately 10 kilometers from the Central Business District and shares the same border with 7 other planning areas, including Bukit Batok, Novena, Clementi, Tanglin, Queenstown, Bukit Panjang, and Central Water Catchment.

Before the 1960s, Bukit Timah was mostly comprised of farms and plantations until industrial and high-rise buildings were constructed later. With some state-funded public housing projects, it has one of the highest private housing densities in Singapore. These days, there is a variety of infrastructures in the region such asluxury condominiums, terraces, and bungalows, making it a luxurious residential region in the country.Compared to other planning areas, residential properties and lands in Bukit Timah have much more expensive values.

There are currently MRT stations spanning 2 lines in Bukit Timah, including the Downtown Line and the Circle Line. Also, it is home to many prestigious schools, including international institutions thanks to a large number of foreign people. The Grandstand is the largest shopping mall in the area with many food outlets, childcare services, and a huge supermarket that can meet most of the needs of local residents.


Pests are one of the most common issues for households and businesses in Bukit Timah. Some common types you often see in this area include:


House mice are typically active all year round. They often nest in quiet and warm places like cabinets or walls. These creatures will constantly chew packaging, damage furnishings, and gnaw to access foods and water. Mice can also bring many health risks such as mouse-related diseases, parasites like fleas or ticks, fire hazards. Their faeces and urine can carry diseases and annoying smells for many people.


Cockroaches tend to live in wall cavities, kitchens, and other warm areas in your house. They usually come out at night and feed on any types of food. These creatures are known for their ability to survive and adapt,making it difficult to get rid of them completely. If left untreated for a long time, they might cause some health issues.


There are up to 20 species of mosquitoes in Singapore. They often bite and begin to become a serious issue when the temperature rises in spring and summer. These blood-sucking flies can feed on all forms of mammals, include pets and humans. Also, they can buzz in your ears and cause annoying sounds. Mosquitos are known as the carriers of many diseases such as Zika and malaria.


It can be a challenging task for many homeowners to deal with pests on their own. Fortunately, there are many pest control services available out there to make this process much simpler. If you are planning to hire one, here are a few benefits to know.

Protect your health

The most important benefit of hiring a professional pest exterminator is to protect the health of your family members. Bugs, rodents, mosquitos, and other insects could carry harmful bacteria and viruses which might transmit to humans and cause many dangerous diseases. With many years of experiences, these professionals can get rid of the infestations and prevent these creatures from spreading diseases in your home.

Reduce the risks of toxic chemicals

Pest controlling processes require the use of many toxic chemicals and products. If you decide to perform these tasks yourself, it might result in some massive accidents that can put your family members under the risks of exposure to dangerous components. Therefore, it is better to hire a pest removal company and let them do all of these difficult things. With in-depth knowledge and experiences, they know exactly which products to apply and how to use them properly.

Improve your quality of life

Everyone wants to relax with their family as much as possible after a stressful time at work. However,annoying odours and noises from pests can make your leisure time become nightmares. To improve the quality of life, you need to hire a pest removal service which can get rid of these creatures and bring back peace in your mind.

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