Pest Control in changi

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overview of the changi neighborhood

Changi is a planning area situated in the East Region of the country. It shares the same boundary with Tampines, Pasir Ris, Changi Bay, Serangoon Harbor, and the South China Sea. Excluding the Central Water Catchment and the Western Water Catchment, this is the largest region in Singapore by land size, with a total area of around 40.6 square kilometres. Changi is currently an aviation hub which is the location of the Changi Airport and Air Base. The largest prison in the country - Changi Prison – is also based within this area. There are three subzones in Changi, including Changi Airport, Changi West, and Changi Point.

Previously known as Tanjung Rusa and Tanjung Changi, the name “Changi” is originated from a plant grown in the region. The typical terrain here is flat with some considerable hills. There are two reservoirs based to the north and the south of the area, namely the Changi Creek and the South End.These days, Changi is predominantly a large area with very little facilities, with narrow streets lined by palm and Angsana trees. This makes it an idyllic and perfect place for outdoor activities and weekend picnic. The residential area is mostly populated by those who are working in local airline companies.


You can find pests everywhere in Changi, here are some of the most common ones:


There is a variety of spider species in Singapore. While these creatures do not spread diseases and will consume other harmful insects, they are often regarded as a nuisance pest in businesses and households. This means they usually evoke more physiological rather than physical damages. Spider webs could also lead to issues in commercial and residential settings by creating unsightly looks.


Bees play an essential role in the ecosystem since they provide plants with pollen to grow. However, they could be a danger to your family when these creatures decide to build a hive near your house. As voracious defenders of their hives, the will attack anyone coming near their gives. Bee stings can be dangerous or even life-threatening to many people, especially for those who have allergies.


Also known as shield bugs, this type of inspect tends to eject a strong and foul-smelling fluid from the thorax when threatened, squashed, injured, handled, or disturbed. For most people, they tend to be a nuisance pest which causes annoying smells. They often enter homes when it starts to cool, seeking warmth and heat to survive.


Are you facing a pest infestation in your house or office but don’t know what to do? Do not worry because everything can be solved easily with the help of a pest removal service. If you are still unsure about this decision, here are a few benefits of having a professional exterminator in your home.

Minimal use of pesticides and chemicals

During a pest controlling process, it requires the use of many harmful chemicals. If you do everything on your own without knowledge, it tends to overuse the amount of pesticides or products, which might lead to a higher risk of exposure to toxic components. In serious cases, it can be fatal to your family members. Thus, it is better to hire a pest control service company and let them perform these dangerous tasks. With in-depth knowledge, they know exactly the quantities and dosages to apply, thus ensuring the overall safety.

Save time and money

DIY pest control treatments and products rarely work. In addition, the risks of reoccurring pest infestations are higher than professional services, which are completely fail-safe and ensure long-term results. Thus, resorting to those OTC products and do everything yourself means that you need to spend more money and time to fix your mistakes. Again, hiring an experienced pest exterminator would help you avoid these issues and get more satisfactory results.

Follow-up visits

Most professional pest control services often offer follow-ups to check the effectiveness of their previous treatments. This will verify if there is any new infestation or penetration. If yes, they will immediately inspect and take preventive measures. Such activities will ensure your commercial space or home will completely free of these harmful pests.

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