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Our 3-Step Cockroach Elimination
Will get rid of your cockroaches in no time

Inspection & Identification
Plan & Elimination
Follow-up & Monitoring
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Inspection &

Species Identification

Four common types of cockroaches exist in Singapore, namely German, Oriental, American and Brown-banded cockroaches. Their differences in behaviors thus require different elimination techniques. Our pest control service specialist will professionally identify the species of cockroaches so as to assist us in designing the most effective pest control service plan.

Hotspot Triangulation

Our pest control service specialist's inspection will triangulate the hotspot in your properties. As cockroaches tend to spread germs, viruses and allergies, protection of children and elderly from pests and other sensitive populations is highly recommended. The physical and mental health of our clients in Singapore are essential to our services.

Damage Assessment

Based on the inspection and seriousness of food feeding in your properties, the extent of damage by cockroaches can then by identified by our pest control service specialist, thus indicating the level of infestation in your properties. A serious infestation may justify dusting of insecticide in specific hotspots.

Ms Loh

When I saw cockroaches in my house, I was so scared that I did not know what to do. What is worse, after hiring a few pest management companies based on friends' recommendations, cockroaches still came back. Until I found Aegis Pest Services online. Their specialists not only eliminated the cockroach population but also provided me with a lot of tips on how to prevent re-infestation. Now, after following their advice, cockroaches never appear again in the house.

Ms. Loh

Plan & Elimination

Customized Pest Control Plan

Based on the results of inspection and identification, our pest control specialist will recommend a specific combination of pest control services that we offer, including usage of baiting, insecticide application and glue boards. The choice of exact method will be subject to our clients' needs, and many factors are considered, including the degree and urgency of infestation, the health of family members and the presence of pests.

customized cockroaches control service
Professional, Safe Execution

Our professional baiting devices ensure complete elimination of cockroach population while remaining safe for pets and children. The targeted usage of insecticide minimizes human exposure and provides quick control as well as long-term residual effects against cockroach population.
Furthermore, we provide state-of-the-art technology such as the Insect Growth Regulator (IGR), which inhibits the breeding of cockroaches highly effectively.

cockroach control singapore
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Ms Christine

No restaurant can afford to have any trace of cockroaches, so we really pay attention to our pest control services. Aegis Pest Services's meticulous and professional servicing convinced me that they are the right candidate for my restaurant. Their communication with me is always clear. And they address all problems related to pest control without troubling me much. I really enjoy working with them now.

Ms. Christine

Following-up & Monitoring

Secondary Treatment

Through constantly monitoring cockroach population, our specialists will activate secondary baiting or insecticide application when deemed necessary to completely eliminate the cockroach population in your properties.


Dead cockroaches are nuisances to our customers as they can be a factor for other pests to come such as ants and rodents. With Aegis Pest Services Singapore, our personalized packages ensure that no cockroach left over can be seen anywhere.

Preventive Consultations

Re-infestation happens often because of systematic problems associated with the properties. Our professional pest control specialists in Singapore offer customized tips for further preventive measures that you should take to protect your properties. Our comprehensive services will ensure that cockroaches do not come back in the future.

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Mr Lao

I did not take the cockroach appearing in the apartment seriously at first. Sometimes I simply killed them using feet. But that was a mistake. When the cockroaches multiplied fast, I regretted badly. Luckily, Aegis Pest Management came in and their professional technician solved the problem quickly. They even cleaned up all the cockroach dead bodies afterwards. I am very grateful for their service.

Mr. Lao

We Provide Pest Control Services For

residential cockroach control service

While many think that Singapore houses are pest-free, home properties are no exception for cockroaches. They are as crucial as ant infestations could be. With our pest control treatment, we make sure that we prioritize your households' health and keep you away from harmful cockroach problems.

commercial cockroach removal
Commercial Buildings

Industrial sectors are also targets of various types of pests. Cockroaches lurk around in the office especially inside pantries, and could deal a lot of damage to the company's environment. Our approach is to reduce the risks and minimize the damages these pests bring.

cockroach treatment for outlets
Food and Beverage Outlets

Canteens, restaurants or any food and beverage outlet in Singapore have also serious pests problems. Cockroach is one of the issues these businesses have and can be prevented through our customized pest treatment package for any type of F&B outlet.

outdoor spaces cockroach extermination
Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor pest control services are usually different from indoor ones because of its nature. However, our pest control specialists are skilled and experienced and can handle every pest problem you encounter in outdoors.

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