Pest Control in downtown core

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overview of the downtown core neighborhood

The Downtown Core is the downtown centre and the central commercial region in the country with many luxurious standalone casinos and built-in resorts, recreational centres like the Marina Bay Sands, which is among the most expensive structures all over the world. There are a lot of skyscrapers and high-rise buildings in this area as well, such as Raffles Place, Marina Bay CBD, or Tanjong Pagar, with the limited height of 280 meters.

With a total area of around 4.34 square kilometres and approximately 4000 people, it is one of the 11 planning areas situated within the urbanized Central Region, forming the dense urban core. It shares the same boundary with Singapore River, Outram, Museum, Rochor, Marina East, Marina South, Kallang, Straits View, and Bukit Merah.

The Downtown Core is both the financial centre and commercial hub of the country, it is currently home to many corporate headquarters and offices. In addition, there are a lot of governmental institutions and departments, including the Parliament building and the Supreme Court. Local people often use the term Central Business District to refer to the Downtown Core. It has a total of eight subzones, including Tanjong Pagar, Marina Bay, Phillip, Raffles Place, Clifford Pier, Maxwell, Anson, and Cecil.


There are three types of pests that are most common in the Downtown Core:


Rats are notorious for infesting buildings and homes thanks to the ability to slip through even the smallest entry points. They should be a serious concern for any homeowner because of their capability to carry diseases and destructive eating habits. Some health risks related to rats include faeces, urine, fire hazards because of wire-chewing, fleas, ticks, and other conditions.


Most moths in the Downtown Core are often considered as pests because of the damage their larvae often cause to stored products, textiles, and materials. Unlike other types, moths do not pose any health risks. Once they are inside your business or home, moths could severely damage fibres in leather, fur, fabrics, clothes, and carpets. Moth caterpillars can even put every delicate item at risks of damage.


Flies are one of the most common pests in the Downtown Core. While they play an essential role in the ecosystem, these creatures can infest quickly around and in your properties, which lead to many serious issues. They could carry different diseases to humans such as rotavirus, typhoid fever, and cholera. More seriously, a fly infestation might contaminate your food products and give a bad reputation to the customers.


Most households and businesses in the Downtown Core often deal with unwanted pests. Even though everyone can get rid of these species themselves, it is much simpler and more effective to hire a professional service. If you don’t think it’s a good idea, here are three reasons why having a pest removal in Downtown Core might benefit you.

Professional removal plans

When you decide to hire an experienced pest exterminator, he will create a detailed plan which are tailored to your property. They will consider the exact size of your property and the degree of infestation to take preventive measures for the best long-term results. Even more, they will plan to visit your home after a few weeks or months to check if pests come back. This will ensure complete elimination to save you a lot of money in the future.

Save your money

Though it is a bit expensive to hire a pest control company, these professionals would actually save you more money in the long run. Most pests such as carpenter bees or termites could cause a lot of damage to your home and furniture if left for a long time. As a result, you will spend thousands of dollars to renovate or replace. But with a few hundreds of dollars, you can easily have these creature removed with an experienced exterminator.

Ensure safety from toxic chemicals

Professional exterminators are specially trained to understand the dosages, usage, and features of each chemical used in the pest control process. This will make sure the overall safety and avoid any accidents occurring to your family members.

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