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overview of the geylang neighborhood

Geylang Serai or Geylang is a township situated on the eastern area of the Central Region. It shares the same border with Kallang, Toa Payoh, Hougang, Bedok, and Marine Parade. This area is mostly known for the red-light district, particularly along the Geylang Road areas. Also, it is home to the oldest Malay settlements in Singapore – Geylang Serai. With the total population of around 117,000 residents, Geylang is among the most populated planning areas in the country. Currently, it is divided into five subzones, including MacPherson, Geylang Easy, Kallang Way, Aljunied, and Kampong Ubi.

Geylang used to be an area of businesses with many repair workshops, markets, and factories founded by Malay, Chinese, and Indian entrepreneurs. After the WW2, the region expanded rapidly outwards with residential shophouses, hotels, and restaurants. These days, it is famous for busy malls, expats’ quarters,karaoke lounges, and redlight districts. Geylang Serai market is among the busiest and largest wet market in Singapore, which provides a variety of ingredients for Muslim-Indian, Malay, and other traditional dishes.

The planning area is now divided into 2 parts in the north and south by the Geylang Road. It is connected with other parts with eight MRT stations.


In general, there are three main types of pests in Geylang planning area. These include:


Fleas are one of the most common issues in households, particularly those with cats and dogs. You might face an issue with fleas even when you don’t own pets. These creatures might also be carried on the others, particularly hairy animals such as mice, rats, livestock, and rabbits. As a parasite, they can bite humans and cause uncomfortable rashes or itches.


Also known as stored product pests, these insects could infest many stored products in specific foodstuffs such as seeds, nuts, dried fruit, cereals, grains, and tobacco. They could be a health hazard in both businesses and private homes. These pests could cause huge economic losses through contamination and damage to your food products.


While it is quite rare to encounter snakes in Geylang, these creatures can be dangerous to most humans.They tend to avoid direct contact with humans. But if they feel threatened, snakes could bite your or your pets. Depend on the species, poisons might cause serious health issues or even death.


Pest issues are quite common in many areas in Geylang, both residential and business settings. Even when you clean your home regularly, these creatures still find their way inside and infest. The only option to deal with these issues is to hire a pest control in Geylang to get rid of these harmful species completely. If you are still hesitating, here are three reasons to consider:

Certified and trained staff

Most professional pest removal services will have a team of dynamic exterminators who are highly trained for these tasks. They are always on the search for innovative and effective methods to provide optimal and effective services to you. Learned from the best organisations and programs, these experts know exactly where to find pests and how to get rid of them completely to bring peace to your home.

Advanced tools and chemicals

Experienced pest exterminators will invest in high-quality equipment and tools to provide superior solutions to your home. These devices will make sure all pests are removed quickly and effectively without any remaining things. Also, they can apply powerful yet non-toxic chemicals to ensure an effective and safe procedure for your family member. If you decide to tackle these tasks on your own, it is hard and costly to shop for these products. So hiring a professional service seems to be a better option.

Save your money

Although it is a little bit costly to hire a pest removal service, the results will pay off gradually in the long term and save you a lot of money. Most pests are harmful to your home since they can damage and destroy most furniture or structural parts. This means you have to spend thousands of dollars to replace or renovate. Therefore, it is better to hire an exterminator to avoid wasting money on these projects.

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