Pest Control in hougang

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overview of the hougang neighborhood

Hougang is a planning area situated in the Northeast Region of the country. It is the 2nd most populated area in this region with nearly 222,000 people. Also, it is home to the last preserved kampong in Singapore – the Lorong Buangkok. The area shares the same boundary with Sengkang, Geylang, Serangoon, Bedok, Toa Payoh, Paya Lebar, Bishan, and Ang Mo Kio. Currently, it is divided into eight subzones, including Serangoon North, Buangkok View, Hougang South, Kovan, Hougang Central, and Hougang Meadow.

Similar to other planning areas in Singapore, Hougang is specially designed to become a self-sufficient region with a variety of services, facilities, and amenities to cater local residents and reduce the number of commuting people to Central Area on a daily basis. Some of the most important facilities include the Hougang stadium, the Hougang sports hall, wet markets, hawker centres, aquatics centre, and many public parks. The Buangkok Green Park is one of the most prominent places in Hougang with many medical centres.

The town is currently served by two major MRT stations, including Hougang and Kovan. In addition, the Central Bus Interchange provides local residents with a variety of bus services to different parts of Singapore. As for education, there are up to 18 institutions in Hougang.



This type of pest is very common in many high-rise buildings in Hougang. They often live in packs and can grow quickly over time if left untreated properly. Since they fly constantly, you might feel annoying, especially when you are sleeping at night.


Termites are notorious for eating anything that is made out of wood. So if your house has a lot of wooden furniture and structures, chances are you will see termites somewhere. They could result in a huge invasion,particularly when you don’t remove it with the right method. In worse cases, they can destroy structural parts and cost you a lot of money for renovation.


Cockroaches often carry a lot of dirt, germs, and bacteria which would make your house a bad place to live. They are really annoying to get rid of since they only show up at night to find food and water. This type of pest can grow quickly in weeks, so it is important to remove them as soon as you notice their presence.


Rodents are an extremely common type of pest in Hougang. They are available in different sizes and shapes. In addition to carrying harmful bacteria, these creatures could also chew your electrical cables and cause fire hazards.


Compared to getting rid of pests on your own, there are many benefits of hiring pest control services in Hougang. If you are unsure which one is better, here are three reasons to have a professional exterminator in your home.

Flexibility and time

It takes a lot of time to control pest infestations. You have to make plans, prepare tools, search for pests, and wait for chemicals to work. For those who are busy at work, this can waste their leisure time with family or friends. Thus, it is better to hire a pest removal service since they are experienced in these tasks, thus reducing the needed amount of time. Now you can have free time to do what you want and enjoy great moments with family.

Reduce risks

It can’t be denied that pest control tasks can be dangerous since you might be at risks of exposing to harmful chemicals and toxic creatures like bees or snakes. To ensure the safety for you and your family, it is better to have a professional pest exterminator who is highly trained and experienced in these projects.

Save your money

Paying a frequent fee up front could add up and cost you a couple of hundred dollars per year. However, you have to spend even more money in the future to repair or renovate your home if carpenters or termites penetrate your home and damage structural parts. While the costs of a professional pest control service might be high at first, the benefits they bring will pay off in the long run.

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