Pest Control in jurong east

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overview of the jurong east neighborhood

Jurong East is a planning area situated in the West Region of the country. It has the same boundary with 5 other towns, including Selat Jurong, Bukit Batok, Tengah, Clementi, Jurong West, and Boon Lay. Currently, the area is divided into ten subzones, including Yuhua East, Yuhua West, Teban Gardens, Toh Guan, Crescent, Penjuru, Jurong River, Lakeside, International Business Park, Jurong Port, and Jurong Gateway.

The development of the Jurong East planning area began in the 1970s mostly because of the resettlement of nearby villages. Nowadays, it is one of the most densely populated regions with more than 85,000 people in total, living in a total area of around 1.65 km2. There is a wide range of amenities and facilities to cater to the needs of local people in Jurong East, including seven educational institutions, a sports and recreational centre, three tourist destinations, five parks, and other landmarks such as the Science Center, Chinese Garden, or Snow City.

Jurong East is currently connected with other regions of Singapore via two Expressway: the Pan Island and the Ayer Rajah. Additionally, there are 2 MRT stations running in the town, including the Jurong East and the Chinese Garden.



There are many species of ants in Jurong East. They are social insects which often live underground and will eat any kind of food. This type of pest can infest your home to look for food, especially sweet sources like candies, fruits, and leftover foods. If left untreated, these creatures can grow quickly and cause many issues in your household. Carpenter ants can even cause severe damage to structural parts.


Cockroaches are notorious for their creepy look. But that is not the only problem. They can carry many harmful diseases which could cause serious health risks to your family members if left untreated. These include Salmonella and E. coli bacteria. Those people with allergies can even experience asthma attacks.


Mosquitoes are one of the most common types of pests in Jurong East. They are basically the vectors of different diseases such as yellow fever, malaria, encephalitis, dengue, zika, and chikungunya. These creatures love moist areas and can lay eggs, grow quickly in a few days. If you do not remove them quickly, your family members would suffer from many health issues.


If you are encountering a pest issue in your home or office, it is better to hire a pest control service instead of doing everything on your own. Here are three benefits you should consider:


When it comes to removing pests, expenses would add up quickly if you don’t know how to handle. Trying to do everything on your own can save a bit but will cost you even more in the future. Even worse, it will case many structural damages and health issues to your home. Thus, it is better to hire a professional exterminator to prevent these creatures from causing troubles. In the long run, you will save thousands of dollars.

Peace of mind and professional expertise

A professional pest exterminator understands exactly which chemicals and tools will work best in specific cases. Also, they would show you how to prevent these creatures from coming back your home. With many years of experienced and broad knowledge, these experts will ensure the complete removal of harmful bugs and insects in your home. This will bring peace of mind and ensure everyone in your family live a happy life.

Eliminate health risks

Pests can spread a lot of dangerous diseases such as yellow fever, malaria, zika, as well as west Nile. Some other types can spread harmful bacteria like Salmonella and E. Coli. Thus it is important to hire a team of professional pest control technicians to get rid of these creatures, which can bring many health risks to your family members. If left untreated for a long time, chances are these pests can cause serious conditions that require immediate treatment from the doctors. By spending a few hundreds of dollars, you can ensure the safety and overall wellness of everyone in your home or office.

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