Pest Control in Marine Parade

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overview of the Marine Parade neighborhood

Marine Parade is a matured residential which is situated in the Central Region of the country. It is based in the tip of the southeastern coast in Pulau Ujong and works as a buffer between the Central Region and the East Region. The region shares the same border with Singapore Straits, Marina East, Bedok, Kallang, and Geylang. Currently, Marine Parade is divided into 5 different subzones, including Marine Parade, Mountbatten, East Coast, Katong, and Marina East.

Marine Parade is typically related to the history of rich Peranakan communities in the country with many characteristics of the Chinese culture. It is also is home to a distinctive architectural style and the famous Katong Laksa recipe. Nowadays, it is mostly comprised of many housing buildings along the southernmost areas.

Similar to other towns in Singapore, Marine Parade has a town centre where most businesses and commercial activities surround. This area contains a lot of neighborhood shops and commercial complex.Also, there are up to 11 educational institutions in this region. An MRT network will be opened in 2023 at the Thomson East Line to connect Marine Parade with other areas.



This type of pest usually breeds in different areas of your home such as filthy carpets or leftover foods like bananas, onions, grapes, oranges, or chicken. Once they have laid their eggs, it just takes 1 day for them to hatch and grow. This will increase the overall risks of spreading harmful bacteria and diseases in your living space.


During the mating process, termites often lose the wings. That is also a good sign to let you know that this type of pest is present in your home or office. If you remove them soon, it is likely to avoid serious damages to other interior structures.


Cockroaches often infest in hidden areas such as cans, kitchens, cups, plates, or utensils. They are the carrier of harmful germs and bacteria. Also, they can generate allergens which could lead to some health issues such as allergies or asthma.


Carpenter ants could result in many structural damages in your home if left untreated. In addition, they could get rid of all the wooden stuff, thus costing you a lot of money to repair or replace.


This type of pest often has a flat, oval body. The colour of their body could be determined by the last food they consume. In most cases, bed bugs might grow in or near the mattresses, under floor coverings, beds, or bed frames. They could result in many troubles for your family.


Pests can cause many serious damages to your home and create uncomfortable living spaces in the family. The easiest and more effective way to deal with this issue is to hire a pest control company in Singapore. This can have three benefits:

Save your effort and time

A professional pest exterminator could provide faster and better results than you when it comes to removing pests. With technical knowledge and many years of experiences, they would make detailed plans and know exactly what to do to make your home free of harmful and annoying pests in the quickest amount of time.

Ensure the quality of life

Most pests could spread hazardous illnesses and harmful bacteria in your family. For instance, cockroaches might carry E.colli and salmonella, as well as trigger problems associated with allergies or asthma. With a professional pest control service, you could ensure these creatures will be completely removed from your home.

Complete elimination

The best advantage of having your home cleaned by a pest management service is that they can totally get rid of all bugs, insects, and pests in your living space. These professionals are highly trained and equipped with the right tools, chemicals to carry out thorough elimination. Even more, they know exactly where to look for and how to exterminate pests without damaging other stuff in your home. This is extremely important to ensure you and your family can live a happy life.

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