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Our Professional Pest Control Services IN SINGAPORE are Certified by:

Our 3-Step MOSQUITOS, Fleas and flies Elimination
Will get rid of your mosquitos, feals and flies in no time

Inspection & Identification
Plan & Elimination
Follow-up & Monitoring
Mosquito pest specialist

Inspection &

Species Identification

Identifying the right species of pest is always the key to pest control services. Fleas, for instance, are difficult to identify directly by human eyes, while the diverse types of flies all demand very different treatments.

Hotspot Triangulation

Mosquitoes, fleas and flies as well as their corresponding larvae are sensitive to very different treatments. Hence, normal treatments onto the mature pests solely tend not to be effective, as the larvae quickly hatch to new mature pests after treatments. Thus, our pest control specialists are committed to triangulating the hotspot to manage both the pest problem and the source of the pest problem.

Damage Assessment

The damage that mosquitoes, fleas and flies can do tend to be invisible to us. Fleas, especially, may cause limited damage in certain parts of the houses, or be widespread to the entire properties. Thus, due to the differences in the extent of infestation, different treatment methods are needed.

Mr Zhang

Drain flies have bothered our apartment in Singapore for very long. Aegis Pest Management adopted a very different approach in cleaning them. Instead of emphasizing on killing the drain flies directly, they were careful in cleaning our drains and eliminating the hotbeds for the infestation of drain flies. That was a complete success to us. We've never seen any drain fly any more.

Mr. Zhang

Plan & Elimination

Customized Pest Control Plan

The elimination process of mosquitoes, fleas and flies require a lot of individual care, especially when vulnerable populations are present in the vicinity, such as children, senior citizens and pets. Our pest control specialists in Singapore are thus very committed to customized pest control planning, with the goals of effective elimination as well as safe implementation in mind.

Customized Mosquito pest control
Professional, Safe Execution

Our chemical treatments towards mosquitoes, fleas and flies are of the highest qualities in the market. Our pest control specialists pay attention to the exact amount of chemicals applied, and proportions of different chemicals mixed. Larvicide and insecticide are applied together. In execution, our pest control specialists are meticulous in covering every corner to ensure the most possible coverage of pests.

mosquito pest treatment
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Mr Sanders

The attitudes of pest control technicians from Aegis Pest Management are exceptionally laudable. Unlike the previous Singapore companies we hired, they did not spray aimlessly, but in a targeted way even for routine servicing. We are really touched by their meticulous work and excellent quality.

Mr. Sanders

Following-up & Monitoring

Secondary Treatment

Mosquitos, fleas and flies often require constant treatments. Hence, our pest control specialists are committed to secondary treatment that compliments the primary treatment.


As vectors, mosquitoes, fleas and flies alike spread diseases. Our custom service plan gives thorough cleaning as well as elimination of pests in your properties. Ultimately, we aim to return a safe and clean home to you.

Preventive Consultations

Different weather conditions and changes in properties put it in harm and thus might be a reason for re-infestation of mosquitoes and flies. Our comprehensive pest control services in Singapore have strict adherence and determination to prevention and controlling, so to make you and your surroundings free from any pest.

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Mr Ahmed

In Singapore, nobody can get rid of flying insects totally. We understand this constraint, so we are looking for consistency in services. Aegis Pest Management is just what we want from our servicing partners. They never miss any servicing deadlines and never rush through any low-quality work for us. As a result, our buildings never have any mosquito problems after we started our collaboration with Aegis Pest Management.

Mr. Ahmed

We Provide Pest Control Services For

residential mosquito fogging

Various species of flies, fleas and mosquitoes can infest homes, and possible related health issues can be a major concern to children and adults. Our pest control experts in Singapore can ensure the safety of your family and provide a clean and safe place to live in.

mosquito removal for offices
Commercial Buildings

Most commercial buildings require long-term mosquito and fly control schemes. Hence, Aegis Pest Services provides a detailed scrutiny and control of mosquitoes, fleas and flies inside the whole commercial building to mitigate all your pest issues.

fly and flea removal in outlets
Food and Beverage Outlets

Mosquitoes and flies can be a nuisance for food and beverage outlets, reducing service quality and leading to poor customer satisfaction. Our pest control experts prioritize the well being of your customers and outlet to keep your business running.

outdoor pest control
Outdoor Spaces

Mosquitoes are present in almost all outdoor spaces in Singapore. Our pest control specialists are experienced in controlling mosquito populations in the outdoor environment through hot fogging, chemical spraying and constant monitoring.

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