Pest Control in Newton

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overview of the Newton neighborhood

Newton is a planning area situated in the country’s Central Region. It is directly bordered with Kallang, Rochor, Tanglin, Novena, Orchard, and Museum. Currently, the region is divided into six subzones, including Newton Circus, Orange Grove, Istana Negara, Monk’s Hill, Cahill, and Goodwood Park. The town starts at the Newton Circus based in the south and ends at the north intersection with the Thomson Road.

Newton includes the north part of the Orchard Road – a well-known shopping belt. Also, it occupies the Istana, which is the residence and office of the President. This is a business and commercial region with a variety of entertainment facilities, parks, shopping malls, and other structures. Especially, there is a major area of hawker centre that provides local residents and tourists with a wide range of exotic and local dishes in the Newton Food Center.

The Newton Circus is another impressive site in this planning area. It is a 12-meter circular carriageway with 8 different converging roads, including Clemenceau, Scotts, Kampong Java, Bukit Timah, Bukit Timah, Newton, Keng Lee, and Dunearn.


Insects and bugs are quite common in Newton, a populous planning area. But before you decide to remove them, it is important to take a look at some common types for better treatments:


There is a wide range of mite species in Newton. Among these, bird and clover mites are the most common ones. Similar to ticks, mites could attack and bite both humans and pets. In many cases, they could even penetrate the respiratory tracks and result in serious health problems. Due to small sizes, it would be hard for us to find out and remove mites quickly before they infest.


Spiders could be a serious problem in many commercial as well as residential areas in Newton. Even though they don’t spread any harmful disease as flies or mosquitoes, these creatures could make everybody, especially children, feel afraid. Also, their webs could spoil look in business facilities, thus lowering the number of possible customers.


Termites are usually considered to be a silent destroyer because they are able to chew through any wooden structure, flooring, and wallpaper. If you don’t remove them quickly, it might cost you a lot of money to replace or repair these damaged parts. Termites often appear and infest in your house during the spring, but it can be challenging to notice their presence.


The presence of bugs and insects is possibly the last thing that everyone want to see in their office or home. Unfortunately, this could be a very common problem in many planning areas, particularly Newton. The quickest solution to deal with it is to hire a professional service that can perform pest removal in Newton. Here are the three most important benefits of doing this:

Better operation and procedure

It is relatively clear that an experienced pest control company can deliver quicker and more effective methods that you, a beginner who doesn’t have any experiences and the right tools. These experts are highly trained to know how to look for and remove all damaging insects and bugs in your house. More importantly, they would do everything within a few hours rather than the whole day as you.

Comprehensive and efficient results

Next, having your home cared by a professional pest exterminator will make sure a complete and thorough removal of insects or bugs, both inside and outside. This is actually very important simply because when you leave only 1 or 2 bugs existing, they would hatch and develop quickly within a few days. With the right tools and chemicals, these experts will eliminate every creature so that you will not need to worry about their comebacks in the foreseeable future.

Protect your well-being and health

The best advantage of hiring a pest removal service is probably to ensure the health of you and your family members. Many kinds of pests like cockroaches or mosquitoes can carry and spread dangerous diseases, which would cause many health issues. By eliminating these creatures, you can rest assured that your children can live a happy life.

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