Pest Control in Orchard

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overview of the Orchard neighborhood

Orchard is a planning area situated in the Central Area of the country. It is directly bordered with the Museum, River Valley, Tanglin, and Newton. The area is currently divided into 3 different subzones, including Somerset, Boulevard, and Tanglin.

Orchard is planned and built with an extensive network of infrastructures underground, including a lot of pedestrian walkways between different shopping malls running under the streets. It is mostly known for the Orchard Road, which is a 2.2 km-long major route that features a variety of tourist destinations and shopping malls. The eastern part of this road is the Istana, the official residence and office of the President of Singapore. The house of the former Prime Minister - Lee Kuan Yew - is based in the south of this road. In addition, there is a Botanic Garden and some large shopping centres in Orchard.There are three MRT stations in the area, the Orchard, the Somerset, and the Dhoby Ghaut. These are important hubs for locals, commuters, students, and tourists to travel around.


Pests are one of the most challenging issues for people in Orchard. In general, you can find many types of pests, including:


These beetles often eat on any organic items and fibres around or in your residential and commercial areas. Therefore, they might cause many damages if not eliminated immediately. What’s more, these pests could spread anthrax viruses and cause dangerous diseases.


Just like carpenter ants, these yellow and black creatures could dig into your wooden furniture and create nests or lay eggs. As a result, the will cause severe damages to your items, which might cost a lot of money to replace.


Ticks can carry and transmit toxic bacteria that would result in Lyme diseases and other serious health issues pets and your family members. They usually come in small sizes with red or black colours as a seed.


A centipede can grow up to 4 cm and have approximately 180 legs. This type of pest is actually good at eliminating other insects. Nevertheless, they would also bite your family members and result in irritation. A few common areas to find them include basements or bathrooms.


Another prevalent type of pest in Orchard is house flies, which can feed on dead animals or rodent matters. They often carry a lot of pathogens or poisons like anthrax and tuberculosis. Also, house flies could grow fast in just one week.


Compared to eliminating bugs and insects yourself, there are many advantages of hiring a pest control in SG and Orchard. If you are still unsure which option is better, here are 3 most important reasons to consider:

Safety is the top priority

When you leave these annoying pests to infest inside your home for an extended period, it would damage most of the important structures and furniture, making it unsafe to lives. Some kinds of pests like carpenter ants or termites could even proliferate and eat all items in your home within several months. Thus, it is important to hire a professional pest control service to ensure the safety of you and your family. They will make sure that your home is free of these harmful creatures.


All Aegis pest exterminators are highly trained to provide the optimal results for your business and residential houses. They would know precisely where to look for pests, which equipment or tools to prepare, and how to remove them safely and quickly. In most cases, a process could be finished within one to five hours in comparison with days when you do it yourself.

Money saving

Even when you want to remove all pests in your home yourself, the costs would add up slowly if you make a few mistakes during this process. Although hiring a pest exterminator could be costly in the first place, it would l help you save lots of money to deal with possible issues in the future. More importantly, you will not need to be worried about any serious damage which would cost you thousands of dollars for annual renovation or replacement.

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