Pest Control in Outram

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overview of the Outram neighborhood

Outram is a planning area situated in the country’s Central Region. It shares the same border with other regions, including the Downtown Core, Bukit Merah, as well as the Singapore River. It is currently divided into four different subzones, including Chinatown, China Square, Pearl’s Hill, and People’s Park. With a total area of approximately 1.37 km2, there are around 21,000 citizens living in Outram at the moment. Outram is home to a couple of important municipal buildings like the General Hospital, the SingHealth Services, the National Narcotics Bureau, and the Police Cantonment Complex. Additionally, there is a school located near the York Hill. The area is connected with other parts of the country by the Outram MRT Station. The area was previously named after James Outram, an English general who fought against Indian rebellion in 1857.


While there is a variety of pest species in Outram, here are four most common types that you will often see everywhere, in both residential and commercial areas:


As their name implies, stink bugs would generate an annoying odour when they are scared or threatened. This will obviously annoy you and your family members, especially when you are trying to relax or sleep.


Termites are a destructive creature that would cost you a lot of money to renovate or repair different structures. If you do not inspect, control, or treat them carefully, they might cause severe damages to both interior and exterior structures, especially wooden furniture.


Wasps might become a serious problem in your garden or backyard and eventually penetrate inside areas via open windows or doors. A large nest typically contains up to 25000 wasps. In most cases, you could easily see them in different areas such as eaves, wall cavities, in bushes, underground, or trees. When they feel threatened, wasps tend to attack humans in a large number, which would be deadly.


Rats are probably one of the most common types of pests in Outram. Some typical infestation signs include droppings and teeth marks on the cables. In many situations, these creatures would cut off your electrical cables and lead to fire hazards. They would also spread many dangerous diseases to other members of your family. Rats could be extremely persistent in searching for ways to penetrate your house.


Pest issues are a very common challenge in many parts of Outram. Even when you often clean your home, these creatures can still penetrate and infest. The only choice to eliminate them is to hire a 24 hour pest control in Singapore. Here are the three most important benefits of doing this:

Experienced and high-quality pest experts

An experienced pest exterminator will understand exactly which equipment and chemicals work properly in particular cases. In addition, they might show you how to take preventive measures to prevent bugs and insects from penetrating your home again. With many years of experience and extensive knowledge, he or she will ensure everything is removed to bring peace of mind to your family.

Save more cash

When it comes to pest removal, the costs might increase quickly if you do not know how to deal with everything. Attempting to do these tasks yourself could save a few dollars, but it might cost you even more in the foreseeable future. In worse cases, it would lead to many health issues and structural damages in your houses or buildings. Therefore, it is advisable to hire a pest control company to prevent further damages. In the long term, you will definitely save more.

Health is wealth

Pests could spread a lot of fatal diseases like zika, malaria, or fever. Therefore, it is essential to hire a pest removal firm to eliminate these sources of bacteria and virus, thus keeping your family from being exposed directly to these health risks. If you do not treat the issue in the long run, these pests would trigger severe conditions which will cost you a lot of time and effort to remedy. By spending a small amount of money, you could ensure the overall wellness and safety for your family members.

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