Pest Control in Pasir Ris

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overview of the Pasir Ris neighborhood

Pasir Ris is basically a planning area situated in the country's East Region. It is directly bordered with Tampines, Paya Lebar, Sengkang, Changi, North Eastern Island, and Punggol. Currently, Pasir Ris is divided into 8 different subzones, including Pasir Ris Park, Pasir Ris East, Pasir Ris West, Flora Drive, Pasir Ris Drive, Loyang East, Loyang West, and Pasir Ris Central. Similar to other residential areas, public transport facilities make a significant contribution to the growth of the region. It could be accessed easily through the bus services and MRT Station. Some of the most popular landmarks in the planning area include the Beach Park, the NTUC Resort, and the White Sands Mall. There are also a couple of recreational facilities which are located near Pasir Ris such as the Pasir Ris Parkas well as the NTUC Downtown Easy which features chalets, theme parks, and a bowling alley. Additionally, the area is an important part in the Jurong Town’s plan to construct fabrication units in the country. There are currently 2 wafer fabrication sites in the Pasir Ris planning area. In 2018, there are up to twelve education institutions in the region, including 1 college, 4 secondary schools, and 7 primary schools.


There are 3 main kinds of pests that you often see in Pasir Ris:


Pasir Ris houses a wide variety of ant species. They usually target areas with a lot of houses to search for food such as crumbs and leftovers. If they are left untreated, they can grow in numbers and the issue may get worse. Carpenter ants in particular are a serious to houses that are built on wood.


Mosquitoes are also common to Pasir Ris areas. These pests carry a lot of diseases such as malaria and dengue which could be harmful to those live nearby them. They can quickly grow in numbers as they tend to live in moist areas which they could lay eggs and multiply.


Cockroaches, similar to mosquitoes, carry some serious bacteria and viruses which could post a lot of health risks to your family. If not eliminated soon, the E.coli and Salmonella bacteria with them could threatened your household members, especially those with allergies.


Most businesses and households in Pasir Ris usually face unwanted pests. Although they could eliminatethem with DIY tasks, it is much more effective to hire Singapore’s top pest control services. If you do notthink it is a good idea, then keep reading to learn how a professional exterminator can benefit you.

No more health risks

Keep in mind that pest control can be risky because it is involved in the application of many toxic chemicals. Therefore, it is necessary to have it done by an experienced and highly trained exterminator. He or she will know precisely the location of these creatures and the tools or products to use for effective and comprehensive removal. This will reduce the risks of spilling or leaking hazardous components that can do harm to your children or pets.

Keep diseases in check

Many types of pests could penetrate your house and carry infectious diseases that might be transmitted easily to you and your family members. From fleas to mosquitoes and cockroaches, they could cause plague, dengue, asthma, and malaria. Therefore, it is necessary to eliminate them quickly with a pest control company to prevent harmful bacteria and viruses from spreading.

Great living environment for your family

It can be challenging to enjoy your life with stinking odours or annoying noises from invasive bugs or insects in your living space. Therefore, it is advisable to hire a pest removal company to eliminate these creatures completely. This is particularly significant when you experience a lot of stress at work and need a comfortable space to relax at home. With great services, these companies will undoubtedly improve your life.

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