Pest Control in Punggol

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overview of the Punggol neighborhood

Punggol is a planning area situated in the Northeast Region of the country. It shares the same border with Pasir Ris, Sengkang, the Straits of Johor, and Seletar. The development of this new town was first planned in 1998, but the process didn’t begin until 2003 after the financial crisis in 1997 occurred. It is currently divided into seven subzones, including Punggol Town Center, Waterway East, Punggol Field, Northshore, Punggol Canal, Coney Island, and Matilda.

In total, there are up to 13 educational institutions in the area, including one college, three secondary schools, and nine primary schools. When it comes to recreational facilities, Punggol has a river-themed park named the Punggol Waterway, which features a variety of areas to cater to tourists and local residents of all ages. In addition, the Safra Punggol Clubhouse comes with many facilities such as bowling alley, karaoke outlet, and gym.

The new town is linked to other parts of the country by 2 LRT stations (the North East Line and the Punggol Line) and the Punggol Bus Interchange. Another LRT station is also built in 2013 to serve people in Punggol North.


Pests can show up everywhere in Punggol, here are some of the most common types:


Mosquitoes and ticks would cause severe irritation with their bites. Additionally, they would feed on your blood and carry many dangerous viruses or diseases.


Rats and mice are common rodents which can lead to serious damages with their gnawing and nesting. Also, their urine and droppings might contain a lot of harmful bacteria. Their population might increase quickly, thus enhancing the risks and damages of diseases.


These pests are increasingly becoming a serious issue in Punggol. It could bite sleeping children and adults anywhere, from hotels, schools to homes and hospitals.


Although flies are undoubtedly a pesky pest, they would also carry many serious diseases such as Salmonella, E.Coli, Vibrio, or Shigella in their feces and Salmonella.


This kind of pest could contaminate your foods and spread many diseases such as Salmonellosis. Cockroaches can shelter in a variety of areas such as behind the walls. They tend to hide during the day and appear at night to search for food and water.


Are you dealing with a pest infestation in your business offices or houses? Yes, it can be an annoying issue for everyone. However, there are many effective and affordable services available out there in Singapore to make everything simpler for you. Here are three reasons why you should hire a pest control company to eliminate insects and bugs:

Retain your home’s values

If you are going to sell your property, then it is a good idea to get rid of all insects and pests with a professional service. The reason is that all potential buyers will often take an overall look inside to know whether the space is facing any issues with pests. This means if they see any rats or cockroaches there, you might lose potential purchasers or have the selling price reduced. While hiring a pest control company might cost you some money, it will save you a lot more in the future.

Minimize your homes’ damages

The best benefit of hiring a pest control service in Punggol is to prevent pests from causing severe damages to the interior and exterior structures of your home. Many insects like carpenter ants, bees, and roof rats would get into the attics or walls and destroy these supports. If you do not get rid of them immediately, it is likely to lead to dangerous accidents, as well as cost you a lot more money to renovate and repair.

Create a better living space

By getting rid of all invasive species in your home such as bugs, insects, or rodents, a pest management company can create a better living space without diseases, noises, or odours. This means you and your family could rest assured that there will be nothing that can annoy or disturb when you are relaxing or sleeping after stressful time at work or school.

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