Pest Control in River Valley

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overview of the River Valley neighborhood

River Valley is a planning area situated in the Central Region of the country. It is bordered with Museum, Orchard, Tanglin, and the Singapore River. The region covers a total area of approximately 1.48 km2 and is divided into 5 different subzones, including Institution Hill, Leonie Hill, Oxley, Paterson, and One Tree Hill.

With the close distance to the central area, this area is a popular destination for those people who need an apartment-style, cosmopolitan, and inner-city lifestyle. River Valley features a lot of residential areas which include many private properties built for high-income classes in the country. What’s more, it is well-known for unique cuisine and delicious dishes.

River Valley is a premium planning area in the country with a wide range of facilities and infrastructures to meet the needs of local citizens. There are up to 4 hospitals and other clinics in the region which could offer advanced medical care. When it comes to education, the town is full of educational institutions, for both international and local students. Even though there aren’t any MRT stations in River Valley, people can access all nearby facilities fast.


Some common kinds of pest that you might see in River Valley include:


Rats are probably one of the most common types of pests in River Valley. Some typical infestation signs include droppings and teeth marks on the cables. In many situations, these creatures would cut off your electrical cables and lead to fire hazards. They would also spread many dangerous diseases to other members of your family. Rats could be extremely persistent in searching for ways to penetrate your house.


Termites are a destructive creature that would cost you a lot of money to renovate or repair different structures. If you do not inspect, control, or treat them carefully, they might cause severe damages to both interior and exterior structures, especially wooden furniture.


Wasps might become a serious problem in your garden or backyard and eventually penetrate inside areas via open windows or doors. A large nest typically contains up to 25000 wasps. In most cases, you could easily see them in different areas such as eaves, wall cavities, in bushes, underground, or trees. When they feel threatened, wasps tend to attack humans in a large number, which would be deadly.


As their name implies, stink bugs would generate an annoying odor when they are scared or threatened. This will obviously annoy you and your family members, especially when you are trying to relax or sleep.


Are you feeling tired of bugs and insects in your home but do not what to do? Luckily, there are many pest treatment options available that you can get from hiring a professional control service. Indeed, they can give many benefits, such as:

Prevent diseases from spreading

Many types of pests could penetrate your house and carry infectious diseases that might be transmitted easily to you and your family members. From fleas to mosquitos and cockroaches, they could cause plague, dengue, asthma, and malaria. Therefore, it is necessary to eliminate them quickly with a pest control company to prevent harmful bacteria and viruses from spreading.

Reduce some health risks

Keep in mind that pest control can be risky because it is involved in the application of many toxic chemicals. Therefore, it is necessary to have it done by an experienced and highly trained exterminator. He or she will know precisely the location of these creatures and the tools or products to use for effective and comprehensive removal. This will reduce the risks of spilling or leaking hazardous components that can do harm to your children or pets.

Enjoy a higher quality of life

It can be challenging to enjoy your life with stinking odors or annoying noises from invasive bugs or insects in your living space. Therefore, it is advisable to hire a pest removal company to eliminate these creatures completely. This is particularly significant when you experience a lot of stress at work and need a comfortable space to relax at home. With great services, these companies will undoubtedly improve your life.

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