Pest Control in Rochor

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overview of the Rochor neighborhood

Rochor is a planning area based in the Central Region of the country. It shares the same border with four other planning areas, including the Downtown Core, Museum, Newton, and Kallang. Currently, it is divided into 10 different subzones, including Victoria, Bencoolen, Sungei Road, Farrer Park, Selegie, Kampong Glam, Rochor Canal, Mount Emily, Mackenzie, and Little India.

The most famous destination in Rochor is Little India, an ethnic district. It features a variety of commercial facilities and cultural sites such as mosques or temples that worship Indian religions. In addition, there is a multi-purpose building complex named Tekka Center, which is comprised of different shops, a food center,and a wet market.

Opened in 2003, the Verge is the first and biggest shopping mall in Rochor. The only MRT Station in Rochor is a MRT or Mass Rapid Transit facility on the Stage 2 of the Downtown Line. It used to be the Bukit Timah Line. It will link the North East Line and the East West Line to serve the commercial regions in the south of the planning area. Originally, it was built to interchange itself.


Just like other regions in Singapore, the area of Rochor has different types of pest, including:


Ticks can carry and transmit toxic bacteria that would result in Lyme diseases and other serious health issues pets and your family members. They usually come in small sizes with red or black colors as a seed.


A centipede can grow up to 4 cm and have approximately 180 legs. This type of pest is actually good at eliminating other insects. Nevertheless, they would also bite your family members and result in irritation. A few common areas to find them include basements or bathrooms.


Another prevalent type of pest in Rochor is house flies, which can feed on dead animals or rodent matters. They often carry a lot of pathogens or poisons like anthrax and tuberculosis. Also, house flies could grow fast in just one week.


These beetles often eat on any organic items and fibers around or in your residential and commercial areas. Therefore, they might cause many damages if not eliminated immediately. What’s more, these pests could spread anthrax viruses and cause dangerous diseases.


Just like carpenter ants, these yellow and black creatures could dig into your wooden furniture and create nests or lay eggs. As a result, the will cause severe damages to your items, which might cost a lot of money to replace.


Many homeowners often think that it can be simple to remove pests with the best control methods that they find on the Internet. However, there would be many disadvantages of these DIY projects. That’s why it is better to hire a professional pest exterminator. Here are three reasons why:

Protect your health

The best advantage of hiring a pest removal service is probably to ensure the health of you and your family members. Many kinds of pests like cockroaches or mosquitoes can carry and spread dangerous diseases, which would cause many health issues. By eliminating these creatures, you can rest assured that your children can live a happy life.

Better operation and procedure

It is relatively clear that an experienced pest control company can deliver quicker and more effective methods that you, a beginner who doesn’t have any experiences and the right tools. These experts are highly trained to know how to look for and remove all damaging insects and bugs in your house. More importantly, they would do everything within a few hours rather than the whole day as you.

More thorough and efficient results

Finally, having your home cared by a professional pest exterminator will make sure a complete and thorough removal of insects or bugs, both inside and outside. This is actually very important simply because when you leave only 1 or 2 bugs existing, they would hatch and develop quickly within a few days. With the right tools and chemicals, these experts will eliminate every creature so that you will not need to worry about their comebacks in the foreseeable future.

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