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Our Professional Pest Control Services IN SINGAPORE are Certified by:

Our 3-Step rodent Elimination
Will get rid of your rodents in no time

Inspection & Identification
Plan & Elimination
Follow-up & Monitoring
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Inspection &

Species Identification

The pernicious and persistent nature of rodents means that the threat of rats and mice is constant for almost all types of buildings. Thus, inspection to constantly check whether rodents are present and pose a threat to existing structures is a must for our pest control specialists as well as our clients in Singapore.

Hotspot Triangulation

The source of rodent invasion may differ greatly depending on the building structures. In the event of an external invasion, our pest control specialists in Singapore will identify the source of entry and insulate your properties from the source. While in the event of an internal invasion, chemical baiting and treatments are necessary.

Damage Assessment

Rats and mice are capable of all sorts of damage to your properties, including on the walls and on all sorts of wooden structures. To assess the extent of the infestation is very important in understanding these rodents’ habits as well as in designing the necessary treatment methods.

Ms Davis

The rats in our house were really, really difficult to deal with. We tried all kinds of traps and baits available in the markets, but they just didn't seem to work. At some point in time, we realized that we just couldn't solve the problem ourselves, so we found Aegis Pest Services Singapore. Their professional equipment and chemicals were really quick at eliminating the rats. And they found out how the rats came into our house and blocked the hole. That solved the problem permanently.

Ms. Davis

Plan & Elimination

Customized Pest Control Plan

Our pest control specialists are dedicated to meeting all our clients’ needs. These needs vary from households to households. For example, conventional treatment methods against rodents can pose danger to young children and pets. Hence, when designing our customized rodent control plan, we are very conscious of understanding our clients’ requirements.

customized rodents control service
Professional, Safe Execution

Rodent control plans often require professional and patient treatment, especially when baiting is required. Professional baiting stations can ensure maximum intake and effective killing of the rodent population. We employ the state-of-the-art technology by deploying the second-generation anticoagulant baits which reduce the chance of bait shyness to almost zero. Our professional pest control specialists in Singapore are highly equipped to prevent the baits from being accessible to children and pets so as to ensure maximum safety.

rodents control singapore
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Mr Chin

Rats are a 'no-no' in restaurants. Even though every restaurant hires a pest control company by law, a lot of pest control companies' routine services seem not reliable to me. The few pest control companies I hired last time just came and put baits randomly around the restaurant rather carelessly. I had a few incidents of rats in the restaurant and hence kept switching pest control companies. Aegis Pest Services gives me a strong sense of assurance. Their technicians always inspected our vicinity carefully and placed baits at the most strategic locations. I am confident now that rats will not be a problem for me anymore.

Mr. Chin

Following-up & Monitoring

Secondary Treatment

Through constantly monitoring rodent population, our specialists in Singapore will activate secondary baiting or chemical application when deemed necessary to eliminate the rodent population in your properties.


Dead rodent bodies are a terrible scene for anybody. Our personalized service package provides thorough cleaning of all rodent products, including dead bodies, as well as disinfestation of your properties. Ultimately, we not only aim to kill but also to return a clean home to you.

Preventive Consultations

Re-infestation happens often because of systematic problems associated with the properties, especially in the case of rodents, which are usually associated with cleaning problems. Our professional pest control specialists offer customized tips for further preventive measures that you should take to protect your properties. Our comprehensive services will ensure that rodents do not come back in the future.

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Mr David

My experience with Aegis Pest Services is pretty positive. The pest control technician was kind and nice. It took special care to install the baiting stations because there are children in my house. Everything was smooth. After some days after baiting, they cleared the dead bodies and cleaned up everything. That was all great.

Mr. David


residential rodent control service

Our comprehensive packages for residential customers in Singapore cover from detailed inspection and identification to elimination and monitoring to ensure the complete clearing of rodents.

commercial rodent removal
Commercial Buildings

Rodent infestation in commercial buildings is often undetected for very long. However, its damage can be economically costly for any firm. Hence, our pest control specialists provide consistent monitoring and constant control of rodent population in the entire commercial buildings to eliminate all your rodent worries.

rodent treatment for outlets
Food and Beverage Outlets

Rodents can be very disturbing for food and beverage outlets, decreasing the service quality for customers significantly. aims to prevent rodent infestation from day zero, without causing any real damage to outlet owners.

outdoor spaces rodent extermination
Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor spaces are tricky for rodent control because a blanket spray of chemicals is usually not desired. Careful baiting is thus our recommended solution.

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