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Our 3-Step termite Elimination
Will get rid of your termites in no time

Inspection & Identification
Plan & Elimination
Follow-up & Monitoring
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Inspection &

Species Identification

Although termites have very different behaviors from ants, they are often mixed up with each other. Due to their similarities in appearances, only professionally trained pest control specialists are able to confirm the species identity. Therefore, spot inspection is very important for our pest control specialists.

Hotspot Triangulation

Locating the nest of termites is the most important step in addressing termite problems. An indoor nest and an outdoor one require distinct treatment methods. Furthermore, the hotspot where termite problems are the most severe often requires additional treatment that compliments baiting.

Damage Assessment

Serious termite damage often couples with destroyed wooden structures. Hence, for the safety of the entire building structure, our pest control specialists are to assess the damage caused by termites in your properties in Singapore. After treatment, seriously damaged wooden structures are advised to be replaced immediately.

Ms Sharma

When I found out that my house was infested with termites, I was really scared. People all talked about the huge damages that termites could cause. I found out about Aegis Pest Services Singapore on the Internet, and they saved our house literally. They assessed the situation quickly and came up with a detailed plan that included chemical solutions as well as baiting solutions. The termite colony was controlled immediately, and not much damage was done, thankfully.

Ms. Sharma

Plan & Elimination

Customized Pest Control Plan

The special nature of termites, being one of the most difficult pests to kill, means a customized and targeted plan is crucial to termite elimination. The external environment of the house, the floor number and the position of the nest all affect the ultimate plan in termite control, while the urgency of the issue requires prompt response in planning. At Aegis Pest Management, our pest control specialists are able to generate the best plans in the least amount of time in the most personalized way possible.

customized termite control service
Professional, Safe Execution

The appropriate and professional application of baits is of the most importance to decrease bait shyness. The effectiveness of chemical treatments also depends largely on how professionally the chemicals are applied. A badly applied chemical walls can barely deter termites as they are able to squeeze through any small hole without chemicals. To deal with termites, only our pest control specialists can ensure the best treatments through our professional and safe execution of pest control plans.

termite control Singapore
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Ms Lai

Because our properties were at a high risk of termite infestation, Aegis Pest Services came up with a very comprehensive plan to deter termites for us. They applied in-ground chemical walls that deter termites from entering the house, and also set up monitoring stations around the house. With constant monitoring and baiting, as well as the protection of the chemical wall, they can ensure our house being immune to termites.

Ms. Lai

Following-up & Monitoring

Secondary Treatment

Secondary treatment may be very necessary in the treatment against termites, especially in the process of baiting. Patient baiting is the key to success especially when the termite colony is of significant size.


We offer termite monitoring services in Singaporethat can minimize any potential termite problems. By installing monitoring stations and constantly checking up them, we are able to detect any sign of termites early and thus address the termite problem at the earliest stage possible.

Preventive Consultations

Due to the pernicious effects of termite damage, prevention is key to addressing termite problem. Our pest control specialists offer useful tips to minimize the potential of your properties being infested.

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Mr Teo

When Aegis Pest Services came into my house, termite problems have been quite serious. I was really helpless at that time. Fortunately, the specialist calmed me down and provided many useful advice for us. We had a combination of spot treatment, chemical treatment as well as baiting, and managed to control the termites quickly. A few wooden things had to be replaced though, but problems were solved. That is all I wanted..

Mr. Teo

We Provide Pest Control Services For

residential termite control service

Termites pose great damage to private properties. But we offer spot treatments, baiting treatments as well as long-term monitoring treatments for residential homes in Singapore. A combination of two or more can sufficiently control termite populations.

commercial termite removal
Commercial Buildings

Termite problems in commercial buildings tend to go unnoticed until the infestation becomes serious. We thus recommend constant monitoring services for all our clients so that termite problems can be controlled at the earliest possible stage.

termite treatment for outlets
Food and Beverage Outlets

Pests are serious problems for food and beverage outlets. Hence, our pest control services include the most comprehensive and effective plan against any type of pests in your outlets. With our pest control package, the worries of pests will go away.

outdoor spaces termite extermination
Outdoor Spaces

In Singapore, termite may pose great danger to outdoor environment if the population goes out of control. Dry-wood termites, for example, are notorious and we offer spot treatment targeting these outdoor termites.

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